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Senna Professional Brushes

Select a Brush
#28 Airbrush Fan
#29 Airbrush Blender
#36 Dome Blender
#38 Angle Contour
#19 Mini Feather
#21 Baby Face
#24 Multi
#25 Airbrush Face
#30 Precision Angle
#31 Precision Shadow
#32 Oval Shadow
#33 Powder Point
#34 Contour Brush
#35 Smoky Liner
#37 Angle Shadow
#39 Foundation
#40 Brow Pro




Senna Professional Brushes fit every feature of the face for blending your look to perfection! With a range of the finest natural and synthetic bristles, these brushes ensure firm, precise application and will last a lifetime with proper care.

Mini Feather #19 - Uniquely shaped to sneak into small areas and leave a soft layer of color that’s never overdone. Great for eyelid crease, soft lining, and creating a smoky look.
Baby Face #21 - Ultra soft, tapered brush used to highlight the cheekbone and brow bone. Great for spot blushing and dusting color all over the eyelid. A Pro MUA and celebrity favorite! Natural hair; 6.25" long.
Multi #24 - For Concealing, blending, un-smudging, priming and more.
Airbrush Face #25 - Softly shagged dual synthetic and natural hair and dual length brush seamlessly applies and blends liquid, cream and powder foundations and bronzers.
Airbrush Fan #28 - Softly shagged for feathery sheer blushing and highlighting. Synthetic Nylon and Natural hair; 6.5" long.
Airbrush Blender #29 - Shaggy multi-tasker for applying blush or foundation. Synthetic Nylon and Natural hair; 6.5" long.
Precision Angle #30 - Super firm, slim and precise angle cut brush for brows or eyelining with powders or creams. Natural Hair; 5" long.
Precision Shadow #31 - mini taper for spot focus on eye shading or highlighting. Perfect for a spot accent of color on the brow bone or at the inner corner of the eye. Synthetic Nylon; 5.75" long.
Oval Shadow #32 - Firm oval taper for applying eye color in crease or over lid. Natural Hair; 6" long.
Powder Point #33 - Luxuriously full, soft tip brush sweeps face powders and bronzers smoothly over the face, reaching every spot. Natural Hair; 7.25" long.
Contour Brush #34 - Small chiseled round brush sculpts cheeks precisely. Natural Hair; 6.25" long.
Smoky Liner #35 - Soft point hugs the lash line for precision smudging. Natural Hair; 5.5" long.
Dome Blender #36 - Firm round shape smoothly blends eye colors. Synthetic Nylon and Natural Hair; 5.75" long.
Angle Shadow #37 - Perfectly slanted edge colors in and around eye crease. Natural Hair; 5.75" long.
Foundation #39 - Building coverage in specific areas and blending both fluid liquid and cream foundations.
Brow Pro #40 - Detangle and groom unruly brows, even the shape of sparse brows.
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