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Z Palette




This exclusive custom palette is ideal for home and portable for travel. Its outstanding sleek and clean design offers an open magnetic base to fit any size eye shadow, blush, bronzer, or even foundation! So you can keep all your favorites from all different makeup brands in one place. The compact finish is made of a high quality gloss paper, which is easy to clean and is 70% recyclable. Best of all, its clear window allows you to see exactly what's inside! Replace colors as often as you like and according to your preference.

Each size comes with 30 stickers to adhere non-metal surfaces. To order extra stickers, click HERE.

*Palette does not include makeup

Small Palette Dimensions: 3.8"L x 3.8"W x .44"D

Large Palette Dimensions: 8"L x 4.75"W x .44" D

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