Navigating the world of special effects makeup can be intimidating and overwhelming for newbies. If you’re itching to create bloody, bruised characters but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place (or blog, that is).

We asked professional makeup artists to weigh-in on the best products for SFX makeup beginners and narrowed it down to the five must-have products to get you started on the right foot.

Continue reading to learn more about the products highly-recommended by pros and start building your very first SFX makeup kit. One, two, three, GO-re!


Mehron CreamBlend Sticks

Available in 58 shade varieties, the Mehron CreamBlend Sticks are a necessary staple for any special effects makeup beginner. These performance creams are high-quality and full-coverage for the face or body. The formula’s smooth, supple texture is easy to blend and stays put all day with minimal (if any at all) touch-ups required.

Choose from natural skin tone colors or vibrant and bold shades to create whatever character you envision - for just $10.95 per stick.


Ben Nye Latex

Another recommendation from our trusty pro artist customers, Ben Nye’s Liquid Latex is considered a holy grail, must-have for any SFX makeup kit. This multi-purpose product works well to seal modeling wax or to create aging, blister and wound effects directly on the skin.

Commonly referred to as “slip rubber”, liquid latex is frequently used to mold prosthetic appliances. If you’re interested in exploring other latex options, browse away here.


Ben Nye Blood

Most SFX makeup beginners can’t wait to try their hand at a bloody, gore look. There are dozens of blood SFX products on the market, which makes narrowing down the options a bit overwhelming. We asked the pros which product they would recommend to beginners and Ben Nye’s Fresh Scab topped the list.

A professional makeup artist favorite, this jelly-like product is perfect for creating natural-looking scabs, blood clots and more. The corn-syrup-based formula is infused with a peppermint flavor for pleasant use in and around the mouth, and it easily washes from most fabrics and surfaces. As with any blood SFX products, we recommend spot-testing before each use.

Ben Nye offers a variety of other blood-related products you can try as your kit continues to grow.


Mehron Pro Color Ring - Bruise

The affordable, extremely handy Pro Color Ring includes every shade you need to create fresh and healing bruises. A must-have in any SFX beginner kit, the wheel-shaped compact includes green, yellow, light brown, dark brown and black shades that easily smudge and blend to create a realistic bruised look.

The long-lasting formula won’t fade or melt away even after hours of wear. Try it for yourself to discover why Camera Ready customers consistently rate it 5-out-of-5 stars.

Pros-Aide ® Adhesive

This medical-grade, water-based skin adhesive keeps prosthetic applications and other makeup components intact for long periods of time. An industry standard, “The Original” Pros-Aide ® formula is non-toxic and safe to use on all skin types, including sensitive areas. The product is also highly water-resistant to withstand even the harshest conditions on set.

The brand includes a variety of other products that spawn off the original formula, such as a cream-based option and a “no-tack” option which creates less residual stick. Use the Pros-Aide ® Remover to safely remove your creations.

Shop The Products

Ready to begin your journey into the world of SFX makeup? Stock up on the essential products mentioned above, and you’ll be well on your way to pro-status in no time.

1) Mehron CreamBlend Sticks

2) Ben Nye Latex

3) Ben Nye Blood

4) Mehron Pro Color Ring - Bruise

5) Pros-Aide

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