This Halloween season, we’re teaming up with talented special effects makeup artists to bring you a series of exclusive SFX makeup tutorials. In our sixth release of the series, PRO artist Angie Lum creates a vibrant, luminescent butterfly face painting look featuring a collection of cult-favorite SFX makeup products from Camera Ready Cosmetics.

Follow along as Angie walks you through the step-by-step butterfly face paint tutorial for this popular Halloween butterfly makeup look!

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These are the products she used: 

Total Cost: $249.85

Get the makeup butterfly look for less! Use a moisturizer, setting spray, nude lipstick, lipliner, and black eyeliner that you already have on hand for your butterfly face painting. Or opt for individual cream paints instead of the full Make Up For Ever Palette:

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Butterfly Tutorial: How to Create Your Makeup Butterfly Face Paint Design in 10 Easy Steps

Step 1: Prep

Step 2: Map out and fill in

Step 3: Shade wings

Step 4: Set and define

Step 5: Outline and set

Step 6: Line the eyes

Step 7: Add detail to the wings

Step 8: Outline in white

Step 9: Get out the glitter

Step 10: Lashes and lips


Step 1: Prep skin for butterfly face painting and cover up your brows.

Angie preps her skin with the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate and follows up with a full-coverage foundation base. Then she applies water-based the Kryolan Professional Make-Up Hydro Spirit Gum over her eyebrows to hold them down before applying white creme makeup to conceal them.

Step 2: Map out and fill in your butterfly makeup design.

Using a dark brown artist pencil, outline the shape of butterfly wings on both sides of the face. Create faint lines so you can easily cover up your tracing in the following steps.

Fill in your outline with a light blue creme makeup.

Step 3: Apply shading to the tops and bottoms of your butterfly face paint wing outline.

Using a dark blue creme makeup, apply shading to the tops and bottoms of the makeup butterfly wings. Slowly fade the color in towards the inner parts of the face, almost like an ombre effect.

Step 4: Set creme makeup in place with matte eyeshadows. Define shading.

Lock the creme makeup in place using matte eyeshadows of the same color for easy butterfly eye makeup. You’ll be using two different shades to cover the different blue colors. As you’re setting the butterfly makeup, accentuate the shading inside the wing design by applying more of the eyeshadow color to the tops and bottoms.

Step 5: Outline your butterfly makeup design & set in place.

Apply a black creme or gel eyeliner to the outer border of the butterfly face paint design, creating thicker lines towards the top and bottom rounded edges of the wings. Once you’ve outlined the full design, go back over the outline with a matte black eyeshadow to set the lines in place.

Step 6: Line your eyes!

Using a black liquid eyeliner, line the upper and lower lash lines of your eyes. Create a winged outer corner for a dramatic butterfly makeup effect.

Step 7: Create delicate detailing inside the makeup butterfly wings.

Dip back into the creme eyeliner from the previous steps and create thin, delicate lines inside the wings. These are the veins of the butterfly wings. There is no right or wrong way to draw these lines but follows Angie’s butterfly face painting tutorial video above to see how she completed this step.

Step 8: Outline the butterfly wings again, this time in white.

Using a white creme pencil, outline the wings again for more definition. Do not go over the black outline; simply trace the outside edges of the black.

Step 9: Apply glitter inside the butterfly wings.

Time to get that iridescent, ethereal sparkle! Angie uses Eye Kandy Glitter Sprinkles in shade Marshmallow to create this effect. Apply all over the inside of the butterfly wings.

Step 10: Complete the butterfly makeup look with false lashes and a nude lip!

Finish your butterfly face painting with voluminous false lashes and a pretty, nude lip. Angie uses Ben Nye lip liner and lipstick for her classic lip look shown below. Her lashes of choice were Lashes in a Box style #23.

Visit our YouTube channel for more step-by-step SFX tutorials. A special thank you to artist Angie Lum (@angielum) and Lei V Artist Agency for bringing this Butterfly Face Painting vision to life.


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