Makeup & text by Jamie Fawn


Add Clean, Prep and Prime the Face

Begin with a clean, dry face. We like to use  Bioderma Sensibio, especially on set. Since it's rinse free, there's no need for water. This will clean and remove any makeup from the face and eyes. Simply soak a cotton round and wipe away makeup.

Bioderma Sensibio

Next, apply a thin layer of  Emboyolisse Emulsion Hydra-Mat Moisturizer and allow it a few minutes to soak in completely.


Using the  Bdellium Maestro 947 Small Foundation Brush, apply Mehron Skin Prep to the face. Mehron Skin Prep is ideal for longer lasting makeup, even when sweating due to outdoor elements of humidity and heat. Wait 5 minutes for this to dry before you apply your makeup.


Apply Base Color, Add Bruising and Sunken Eyes Effect


For foundation, use  RCMA KJB Complexion Palette and mix a small amount of white with the lighter colors to make your subject look very pale. Apply it with the Bdellium 948 Foundation Brush.

Add bruising to the neck, collar bone, and eye areas to simulate the effects of being attacked. To complete the look, add bruising to the the parts of the skin that are peaking out of the t-shirt.

To create this effect use  Mehron Pro Color Ring - Bruise focusing on the colors:

Maize Yellow, Spanish Olive, Burnt Maroon and Bloody Rose.

and the the brightest purple from the   Ben Nye FX Color Bruises Wheel.


Apply the bruise colors with a Graftobian Stipple Sponge for a more natural look and blend out the edges with the Morphe M335 Chubby Buffer Brush. When making bruises you'll want to determine the stage of injury your character is in and match the age of the bruise to it. In this look, you will see the stages of bruise coloring beginning with a bright red fresh bruise to an older bruise with a more faded yellow.

To create the sunken eyes use the  Ben Nye Professional Wheel Death, specifically using the grey, brown, muted yellow and green colors. Add the brown into the crease of the eye for a sunken look. Then, add greys for an aged, dehydrated look. Add greys, greens, and yellows underneath the eyes in a random pattern. Apply with the Morphe M422 Crescent Shadow Brush.


Add Knife Wounds and Blood

To create knife wounds, use  3rd Degree Silicone Modeling Compound in light flesh tone.


It is extremely important not to cross contaminate any product from jar A into jar B. This will cause the product to set and be unusable. Mix products on a separate surface. Try using the  Graftobian metal palette and metal spatula.

Mix the two components with a 1:1 ratio creating enough product to make a small slash wound. You will have about 10 minutes to play with the product. After mixing, transfer the product directly onto the skin and create the desired shape of your cut. Use a cotton swab dipped into  99% alcohol to smooth out the edges so that it is seamless.

Once the product has set, use PPI Skin Illustrator  Zombie Palette and Skin Illustrator Activator.

In the deepest parts of the wound, you will apply Skin Illustrator color (black) to add depth to the wound. Because our zombie is slightly aged, we added the color-aged blood along the rest of the inside of the wound and then around the edges. This is achieved using the  Ben Nye FDB-6 Petite Filbert Brush.



Next, add  Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel with a brush to the slash allowing it to drip down for an oozing effect. We also used the coagulated blood gel to smear on our zombie's shirt. 

To give the larger or deeper wounds a more agitated look, add  Ben Nye Thick Blood into the deepest areas of the neck, chest, and cheek wounds using a metal spatula to scoop out and place in wounds.


Add Details Around Knife Wounds and Add Contouring

Add contouring to the face to give a more sunken appearance. To achieve this, use the grey and taupe-toned eye shadows from the  Ben Nye Glam Palette at the hollow of the cheeks, the temples, the bridge of the nose, sockets of the eyes and jaw line.



Use the Morphe M164 Small Flat Angled Contour Brush and Morphe M403 Small Chisel Brush to contour the large and small areas of the face.

Add some purple under the eye from the  Ben Nye CK-1 Bruise Wheel to create more bruises. Next add details around the wounds to give the effects of infection, puss or bruising using the same color wheels to make the bruising. Apply the details using the  Mehron Bruise 505-B Wheel with the Ben Nye FDB-6 Petite Filbert Brush.




Add Drying Cracked Effects to the Lips

To finish the look, add more of the  Ben Nye Character powder in Ash to the lips for a dehydrated cracked look using the Morphe M433 Pro Firm Blending Brush.

Complete the look by applying a scab to the lips with a small piece of the Ben Nye Thick Blood paste using a metal spatula.


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