The Perfect Velvet Matte Lip

For a long-lasting, velvety-smooth look, we suggest a matte lip, this look is perfect for parties where you'll be talking and socializing. Ensure the lips have their fair share of moisture. We love prepping the lips with Smith's Rosebud Salve for baby smooth lips. Line the lips with your lip liner of choice as close to the lip line as possible, then apply your favorite matte lipstick; we suggest using Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick which keeps the lips feeling hydrated and is perfect for this look. To make the lips pop even more, conceal around the lips with a cream concealer.

Pro Tip: Make your application last that much longer by following this simple hack: Place a napkin over the lips and pack a translucent powder over it with a BeautyBlendercotton sponge, or powder puff. The result: bold, matte lips that just won't quit.

The Glitter Lip

Glitter lips have taken the beauty world by storm and now you can achieve this red carpet-ready look just like the pro's. First, hydrating the lips and locking in moisture is essential for this trend. You can do this by applying lip balm before the application. Next, apply foundation that is about two shades lighter than your complexion to mute out your natural lip color. Outline and fill in the lips with a lip liner that matches the color of the glitter you will be using. Finish off by taking a brush and apply glitter to the lips using Lit Glitter Adhesive.

Pro Tip: Keep clear adhesive handy for any fallout that may occur with this adventurous look. We recommend the Lit Cosmetics Mini Me Lip Kit when trying this look, it's literally made for it.

The Pouty Lip

Give your lips a full-on voluminous makeover with this next lip trend. Amp up the lips before applying any color, with a lip plumper like DuWop Lip Venom. Lip plumpers increase the blood flow to the lips creating a natural fullness. Next, overdraw the lips just outside of the natural lip line. Line the lips with a lip color similar to your own and fill in. Once the lips are completely filled in, take a lip pencil that is two shades lighter than your natural lip color and fill the center of the lips. You will start to notice how this gives the lips added dimension. Clean up the lip line with concealer around the perimeter of the lips. Run highlighter over the cupids bow like Ofra's "Dupe That" highlighter. Take a clear lip gloss on the center of the lips as the last step.

Pro Tip: Adding shimmer to the center of the lips creates fullness like never before. Take that same highlighter you used on the cupid's bow, over the center of the lips for added oomph!

The Ombre Lip

For maximum staying power, start out by prepping the lips with a lip primer. Just like when you apply a base prior to wearing foundation, the right primer minimizes dryness and imperfections giving you a more flawless look. After prepping the lips, grab your deeper-hued lip pencils and line the perimeter of the lip with your color of choice, starting from the outer perimeter of the lips working your way in; ensuring the color is as symmetric as possible.  Check the corners of the mouth and fill in any missing gaps where color might have been missed. Next, pop a lighter shade onto the center of the lips.  After the lighter color is applied, feather out any harsh lines between the two colors.

Pro Tip: Try your hand at playing around with different finishes like metallics, and non-traditional colors for an artisanal approach.

The Glossy Lip

Glossy lips add a touch of sophistication to any look. Start out by prepping the lips with lip balm. We love using Duwop's Reverse Lip Liner. Unlike a colored lip liner, this liner is invisible and acts as a barrier so your lipstick does less budging and smudging. Next, define the lips by using a colored lip liner by following the natural lip line. To further extend the longevity of the gloss, fill in the lips with the same lip pencil. Lastly, apply a colored lipgloss. We suggest using a thicker gloss that will ensure it adheres to the lips for a glossy pout that lasts for hours.

Pro Tip: To make the lips look even more alluring, take your favorite highlighter and swipe it over the cupid's bow. The result: lips that shine with seduction.

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