This Halloween season, we’re teaming up with talented makeup artists across the United States to bring you a series of exclusive SFX makeup tutorials. In our second release of the series, PRO artist Andie Piazza re-creates the sassy, fan-favorite Bombalurina from CATS: The Musical.

Follow our step-by-step tutorial of this look down below, or watch Andie's video tutorial on our YouTube channel!

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Step 1: Apply a full coverage foundation all over the face and set in place.

Andie uses Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover to create a flawless, full coverage base. Your goal is to create the appearance of pore-less skin, which you’ll later bring to life with vibrant color and cat-like detailing. Set foundation in place with RCMA No Color Powder and a CRC Powder Puff.

Step 2: Create a bold, colorful smoky eye. Adjust colors to match the personality of whichever CATS character you’re re-creating.

For Andie’s Bombalurina eye look, she uses the Ben Nye Studio Color Rainbow Palette. Start with the bright yellow shade. Apply inside the crease of your eye and extend just above the brow bone. Next, apply the light green all over your lid.

Step 3: Create a red-to-orange ombre underneath your eyebrows.

Take a flat liner brush and dip into a pigmented red cream paint, like the one included in Danessa Myricks’ Waterproof Cream Palette. Create a line underneath your eyebrow, from the inner bottom corner all the way to the outer bottom corner.

Re-visit the Ben Nye Rainbow Palette, this time dipping a fluffy eyeshadow brush into the vibrant red color. Apply that on top of the red cream paint and just below, creating a faded appearance – from deep pigmented red to more sheer.

Below the red ombre, apply the orange shade from that same Ben Nye palette to fill in the gap between the red and yellow shades on your eye. The final look should be an ombre rainbow – red at top that fades into the bright green on your lids.

Step 4: Fill-in brows, creating the appearance of wispy fly-aways as you go.

Using the black Danessa cream paint, trace your eyebrows and define the shape. Fill in with the cream paint and draw staggered fly away, whisker-like hairs coming out off the brows. Set with black eyeshadow to lock in place.

Step 5: Line your eyes - heavily!

Using the same black cream paint, dramatically line the upper lash line, creating a winged cat eye look. The heavier the line, the better. Bomblaurina is all about sass, so add any additional eyeliner details you see fit. The more dramatic, the better! Set your liner with black shadow to lock in place.

Step 6: Create lighter white patches around your face.

Apply white cream paint to the bottom portion of your face, from the bottom of your nose out to the laugh lines and to the bottom of your chin. Also paint your nose white and bring it up in between the eyebrows and across the middle of your forehead. Apply bronzer around the rest of your face, the parts without white cream paint, to accentuate the lighter sections you’ve created.

Step 7: Define your lips.

Using the Danessa Myricks cream red paint from your palette, apply a dramatic red lip.

Step 8: Create a cat-like nose and mouth.

Using a black gel liner, Andie uses the L.A. Girl Glide Gel Liner, fill in the bottom portion of your nose in all black. Draw a line from the bottom of your nose down to the top center of your upper lip. Fully outline the perimeter of your lips.

Dip a fluffy shadow brush into a black eyeshadow and lightly buff out the line connecting your nose and lips.

Using the L.A. Girl Gel Liner, apply dots above your upper lip on both sides. Extend a smile line from the corners of your mouth outward.

Step 9: Add more color to the face.

Mix the red and orange eyeshadows from the Ben Nye Rainbow Palette and apply to the cheeks for an added pop of color that ties the look together.

Step 10: Create whiskers.

This is the most time-consuming part of the whole look. Using a very thin detail dish, dip into the black cream paint again and create thin line strokes along your cheeks. Fill in gaps with white cream paint strokes to add dimension. Once you’ve finished your cheeks, do the same on each corner of the forehead.

Finish the look with any last-minute detailing, like lining below the eye, apply false lashes – anything that adds extra drama!

Visit our YouTube channel for a step-by-step video tutorial of this CATS makeup look. A special thank you to Lei V Artist Agency and artist Andie Piazza (@andiepiazza) for making this video possible.

Catch Part 1 of our Halloween video tutorials series here, featuring artist Kelly Tull creating a pop art comic book character.

We’re accepting your videos as part of our SFX tutorial series! Send submissions to for consideration.

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Mallory Hatten

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