This Halloween season, we’re teaming up with talented makeup artists across the United States to bring you a series of exclusive SFX makeup tutorials. Twice a month thru October, we’ll release step-by-step video tutorials based on the top requested looks for Halloween 2019.

To kick off our series, artist Kelly Tull creates her version of the classic comic book pop art character.

Before getting started: apply a full-coverage foundation and set in place!

Apply a full coverage foundation to your face before you get started, and make sure to set it in place with a high-performance setting powder. Kelly used Ben Nye Pretty Pink Translucent Face Powder.

For all subsequent steps, Kelly primarily uses one Mehron palette to complete the look, along with a Ben Nye eyeshadow palette to create color on the eye.

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Step 1: Outline the top of forehead, cover brows & define bridge of nose.

Using a black face paint, create an outline across the top of your forehead. Next, cover & shape your eyebrows with that same black paint. Then create a defining line down the bridge of your nose.

Step 2: Add color to eye lids.

Kelly applies Ben Nye Eye Shadow in shade Green Leaf to the lid, then goes on top of that color with Ben Nye Eye Shadow in shade Caribbean. Use any color combination you prefer to make the look your own. Vibrant greens or blues are a nice contrast to the reds, blacks and yellows you’ll be using in the next steps.

Step 3: Apply winged liner & create definition on the eye and nose.

Using the same black face paint from Step 1, create a long, winged eyeliner for dramatic effect. Take what’s left on your brush to apply a black line in the crease of your eye. Shade in your nostrils with that same black paint and create outlines around the corners of your nose. These are the first of many comic-style details you’ll apply to the face.

Step 4: Fill-in water line and define underneath.

Using a white eye pencil, fill-in your waterline. The NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in shade Milk is a great option. Using white paint, extend the waterline just below the eye & create a line underneath with black paint. Finish your eyes with false lashes.

Step 5: Fill-in lips and line for definition.

Kelly uses a combination of pink colors in the Mehron Paradise Palette to fill in her lips. If you don’t have the palette on hand, any pink or red lipstick you have will work. Once you’ve applied a thick coat of color to your lips, take the black paint again and line the outside of your mouth.

Take what’s left on your brush and fill in the inner portion of your lips. When closed, each lip should look completely outlined from inside out.

To complete your lips, apply highlighting to the upper and bottom lip using white paint.

Step 6: Add black lines on collar bones, down neck and from bottom of ear down shoulders and arms.

If you’re planning to extend this look beyond your face, apply the black paint you’ve been using throughout this tutorial and create thick lines across your collar bone, down the neck, and from the bottom of your ear all the way down your shoulders and arms.

It’s your unique look! Get creative.

Step 7: Define ears and add exaggerated lash lines around eye.

Using a thin brush, create exaggerated on the high points and creases of your ear. Add extended lash marks around the eye.

Step 8: Paint hair.

Painting your hair really helps take this look to the next level. Kelly used the Mehron Paradise Paint in shade Mango to add color to her hair.

Step 9: Add iconic pop art dots all over face and body.

This is the fun part! Using any paint colors you like, apply those classic comic book dots around your face and body. Kelly chose to create patterns down her cheekbones and around her forehead using different color combinations.

Step 10: Add any additional detailing to complete the look.

Once you’ve completed all previous steps, take a thin detailing brush and add thin black lines anywhere you need some extra, over-exaggerated definition. You could define laugh lines or dimples, for example. Play around with color and apply more dots or color definition around the face.

You can even take it a step further, like Kelly does, and line the sides of your arm and in between each of your fingers with black paint.

There is no right or wrong way to apply additional detailing and will depend on the final look you want to achieve.

Visit our YouTube channel for a step-by-step video tutorial of this comic book makeup look. A special thank you to Lei V Artist Agency and Kelly Tull (@kellytull_) for creating this look and capturing it on film.

We’re accepting your videos as part of our SFX tutorial series! Send submissions to for consideration.

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