In an effort to protect ourselves from expensive tanning salons and excessive sun exposure, beauty lovers have suffered from a fair share of fake-tanning mishaps. We’re talking bright orange skin, sloppy streaks, darker-than-the-rest-of-your-body hands, feet and elbows, stained clothing and the list goes on.

If you’ve searched high and low for a moisturizing body bronzer that A) doesn’t smell awful, and B) doesn’t streak, stain or transfer onto clothing, you’ll find a perfect solution with Melanie Mills Gleam products.

Our team had some fun testing the Gleam products in our studio, and we’re excited to share the brand’s signature gleamalicious bronzers and powders. Keep reading for our review of the Melanie Mills Gleam collection.

Gleam Body Radiance


Choose from six available shades - which are compatible with any skin tone - including, Opalescence, Disco Gold, Peach Deluxe, Rose Gold, Bronze Bold and Deep Gold. These pigmented formulas diminish the appearance of small stretch marks and varicose veins, leaving your skin with a smooth, velvet finish.

Unlike self-tanning products that stain your skin or require multiple applications to reach a desired look, Gleam Body Radiance gives you an instant sun-kissed glow that lasts up to 24 hours. The formula dries instantly, will not leave streaks, does not stain your skin and won’t transfer onto clothing. The products also leave a sweet, floral scent that will last all day.

Gleam Body Radiance products support anti-aging and hydration with ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil. The formula also includes skin-perfecting ingredients like Kalpariane (a wrinkle filler) and Brown Seaweed Extract (a skin tightener) to leave your skin with a healthy glow.

This stuff REALLY works, and you can watch our Brand Ambassadors, Chris and Lauren, show you these products in action here.

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1oz. Melanie Mills Gleam Body Radiance

3.4oz. Melanie Mills Gleam Body Radiance

Gleam Radiant Dust



This finely-milled, all-natural powder leaves your skin with a subtle shimmer and irresistible, natural glow. The key ingredient (high-grade pearls) works to draw light in, rather than reflect it.

Available in four shades (Bronze Gold, Deep gold, Light Gold and Rose Gold), the collection is beautiful all on its own, or as a finisher with any of the Gleam Body Radiance products. All of the shade options work well with any skin tone.

Most often used as a body highlighter, the Radiant Dust collection leaves your skin with a soft, dewy glow. Also safe to use on the face, many beauty lovers have found the collection to be perfect as a bronzer, blush, highlighter or eyeshadow.

For a seamless application, we recommend applying the product with a makeup brush or powder puff to ensure a smooth finish free of fine lines.

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Melanie Mills Gleam Radiant Dust Mini’s

Melanie Mills Gleam Radiant Dust

Gleam Body Sealing Spray


Once you’ve finished applying the Gleam Body Radiance or Radiant Dust (or both!), use this ultralight sealing spray to lock in your glowing, radiant look.

The lavender-scented formula, infused with Aloe and Jojoba, leaves a matte finish and ensures your other Gleam products won’t transfer.

For best results, allow Gleam Body Radiance a few minutes to set before applying the sealing spray evenly.

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Melanie Mills Gleam Body Sealing Spray

Luxury Face and Body Brush



This silky, natural-hair brush is perfect for applying any of the Radiant Dust products or other loose powders you include in your makeup routine. The slanted head makes the perfect tool for applying the product to your body and was created with the Gleam Radiant Dust jar in mind.

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Melanie Mills Luxury Face and Body Brush

Melanie Mills “On-The-Go” Kits


For all you busy beauties on the go, Melanie Mills offers mini Gleam Body Radiance kits to tuck away in your purse or makeup bag.

Each kit comes with three Gleam Body Radiance products to ensure you’re glowing radiantly wherever you go.

Kit #1 includes the Rose Gold, Bronze Gold, and Deep Gold shades, while Kit #2 includes Rose Gold, Peach Gold and Disco Gold.

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Melanie Mills Gleam on the Go Kit 1

Melanie Mills Gleam on the Go Kit 2

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