Special effects makeup isn’t reserved only for the Halloween lovers. Although, it’s this time of year that really gets us excited about the creative, endless possibilities in the world of FX makeup.

Whether you’re curious what the PROs are using, building your own SFX makeup kit, or simply have no idea what any of the special effects talk is all about, take a peek our top selling SFX makeup products for Halloween.

These chart toppers consistently make the list year after year, and for good reason – they’re best in class for their respective product categories. Add a few (or all) to your kit or at-home makeup collection, and be sure to tag us in your Halloween makeup creations on Instagram and Facebook!

Read all the way through to see our #1 bestselling SFX product for Halloween.

10: Skin Illustrator On Set FX Palette, $55

This compact, pocket-sized palette contains ten of the most popular FX colors from Skin Illustrator’s line of pigments. Designed for just about any injury or illness imaginable, this palette simulates burns, cuts, scrapes, scabs, bruises and more. Each color must be activated with 99% alcohol. Spray or dab the solvent onto the desired color, swirl for 30 seconds, and apply with a brush, sponge or mascara wand.

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9: Graftobian Stipple Sponge, starting at $0.99

Meet one of the handiest little SFX tools there ever was! The classic stipple sponge is used for a variety of FX looks, like the five o’clock shadow and broken blood vessels. The charcoal colored web matrix sponge allows for uneven, splotchy makeup application that’s so common in demons, old-age makeup, monsters and more. Also available in a pack of 12 for cost savings.

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8: SUVA Beauty Hydra Liners, $14

These water-activated pigments are smudge-proof and transfer resistant once dry. Incredible for face or body art of any kind, Hydra Liners deliver intense color that will not fade. The opaque formula is not waterproof, so you must use a water-resistant setting spray to ensure long-lasting wear in conditions near water, humidity or moisture.

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7: Pros-Aide "Original" Adhesive, $13

If you’re looking for a non-irritating, heavy duty adhesive for prosthetic application or other FX needs, Pros-Aide is a tried-and-true standout. This water-based formula is often used for medical prosthetic applications, as well as by makeup artists for adhering appliances and other makeup components to the skin. It is safe to use on sensitive areas and boasts water resistant, non-toxic properties. 

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6: Mehron Rigid Collodion (Scarring Liquid), $7.95

Develop realistic scarring effects with ease. The clear solution wrinkles the skin as it dries to quickly develop a scarred look. Build dimension and deepen scars by building thin layers until you’ve reached the desired effect. Because this product is so easy to use, it’s recommend for both seasoned artists and those new to SFX makeup. To remove, simply peel off.

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"Original" Adhesive

Rigid Collodion

Eye Blood

5: Kryolan Eye Blood, $26.50

Cry tears of *fake* blood! This gel-like formula delivers life-like bloody eyes and tears without impairing vision or irritating the eye. It’s safe for use on sensitive eyes or those who wear contact lenses. Discard product one month after first opening.

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4: Ben Nye Clown White, starting at $3.50

The preferred choice by artists worldwide, Clown White boasts an ultra-creamy texture and brilliant white finish for any drag, cosplay or SFX needs. The formula goes on smooth and opaque, so you don’t need a ton of product to achieve the desired look. For best results, apply a setting powder on top of the product to eliminate transfer and lock makeup in place.

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3: Ben Nye Fresh Scab, starting at $8

Create natural-looking scabbed over wounds with ease! Fresh Scab maintains a jelly-like consistency for realistic blood clotting effects. The naturally tinted, corn-syrup based formula is safe to use in and around the mouth and easily washes out of most fabrics and surfaces.

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2: Bdellium SFX Brushes, starting at $9

These high-quality, eco-friendly makeup brushes were specifically manufactured to withstand strong dyes, solvents and brush cleaning solutions. Each brush is fabricated with sustainable bamboo handles and vegan synthetic bristles shaped in a variety of styles for flawless, reality-defying SFX makeup looks. 

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1: Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax, starting at $5

Manipulate the appearance of real skin distortions – broken nose, witch’s chin, bullet holes and more. The moldable, yet firm wax comes in three flesh tone shades with a translucent finish. For best results, apply on top of a thin film of spirit gum adhesive and seal in place with a durable liquid latex.

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Which SFX makeup products are you loving? Comment below with your favorites.

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