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Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools SFX Brushes

Select a Brush
116X Short Liner
122X Bent Glue
123X Large Bent Glue
138X Large Filbert
157X Large Veining
173X Stomper
177X Inverted Streak
184X Water Color
110X Splatter
118X Tattoo Liner
125X Square Glue
128X Bent Liner
133X SmallDagger
134X Medium Dagger
135X Large Dagger
136X Filbert
153X Capillary
156X Veining
167X Finger
175X FX10
179X SFX Muscle
191X Precision Stippling
193X SmallStippling
195X Large Stippling




Love special effects? There's a brush for that! Bdellium Tools SFX Series Brushes are high quality, eco-friendly makeup brushes built to handle strong dyes and makeup products and create stunning special effects looks! With durable bristles and brush adhesives, these tools are specially constructed to withstand most solvents and brush cleaning solutions. Made with all sustainable bamboo handles, soft vegan synthetic bristles and aluminum ferrules, these brushes bring all of the characteristic features of Bdellium Tools that you already love to the special effects world! Achieve flawless, reality-defying looks with the SFX series.

    Available Brushes:

    • 110X Splatter: Create a spray and/or splatter of color to emulate the natural skin look. Great for carefully brushing in hair whiteners and streaks in mustaches.

    • 116X Short Liner: Ideal for sculpting when dotting clay slurry onto a sculpture and for painting very fine lines.

    • 118X Tattoo Liner: Designed for holding the right amount of alcohol active.

    • 122X Bent Glue: Simplify the application of glue in all those hard to reach areas.

    • 123X Large Bent Glue: A glue brush for getting those hard to reach places, perfect for ears, brow, and nose areas.

    • 125X Square Glue: A sturdy brush for gluing and can be used for removal.

    • 128X Bent Liner: Gets into areas where a straight angled brush would be difficult to use; it also doubles as a prosthetic adhesive brush.

    • 133X Small Dagger: A precision Dagger brush that is fantastic for small areas, especially good for lining the eye area.

    • 134X Medium Dagger: Creates sharp, hard lines, contours and blends all in one.

    • 135X Large Dagger: A larger Dagger, helpful for drawing lines and blending wider area.

    • 136X Filbert: Rounded shape perfect for applying and blending makeup; can be used for smoothing lines that are sculpted in clay or wax.

    • 138X Large Fibert: Great as a large glue brush or for painting and sculpting.

    • 153X Capillary: Designed for small capillary detailing and fine line work, such as painting theatrical tattoos.

    • 156X Veining: Bring your creation to life by creating the most realistic vein for any facet of FX makeup.

    • 157X Large Veining: Useful for larger veins/arteries and sculpting.

    • 167X Finger: Designed to have the feel of a human finger, useful for smoothing and blending clay sculptures where it is difficult to reach. Very effective for blending makeup or using powder.

    • 173X Stomper: Great material that holds powder very well and is useful for pressing down the edges of a prosthetic when adhering it to the skin.

    • 175X FX10: A rounded brush with strategic cuts in it for adding texture.

    • 177X Inverted Streak: Ideal for painting the natural curvatures of the body and is ideal for smoothing out clay when sculpting.

    • 179X Muscle: Creatively angled and textured for painting multiple lines in unison. Perfect for striations in muscles and many other organic patterns.

    • 184X Water Color: Traditional water color style brush works fantastically with water-based or alcohol-activated makeups.

    • 191X Precision Stippling: This small stipple brush is like the medium and large stipple brush in the FX Line. Designed for very small areas, such as ears nose, and eye areas.

    • 193X Small Stippling: Perfect for creating a stipple effect and pointillist painting.

    • 195C Large Stippling: Exceptional stippling brush for large areas of coverage and is helpful when painting bald caps and prosthetics that cover the body.
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