This Halloween season, we’re teaming up with talented makeup artists to bring you a series of exclusive SFX makeup tutorials every week through Halloween. In our fifth release of the series, PRO artist Kelly Tull re-creates a Creepy Glam Halloween Clown featuring a collection of products from Camera Ready Cosmetics that makes for the perfect clown makeup look for girls (or guys!).

Follow along as Kelly walks you through each step of creating this clown makeup look with her makeup painting tutorial!

SFX Clown Makeup Look Must-Haves

30-Well Paradise Palette

RCMA Makeup
No Color Powder

La Femme
Lip Stains

These are the special effects makeup products she used to create her clown makeup look:

Total Cost: $196.75

You can also get this clown makeup look for less! Use individual refill shades versus the full size palettes and choose a lip color you already have on hand:

Total Cost: $26+

How to Apply This Clown Makeup Look in 8 Easy Steps - A Clown Makeup Tutorial

Our eight-step glam-scary clown makeup tutorial will walk you through this perfect clown makeup look for girls or guys from foundation to the final shimmer so you can learn how to apply scary clown makeup for Halloween like a pro. Get ready; get set; SCARE! (But make it glam.)


Step 1: Foundation

Step 2: Eyes and brows

Step 3: Lips

Step 4: Cheeks

Step 5: Mouth

Step 6: Finishing eye touches

Step 7: Neck ruffle

Step 8: Glow, baby!


Step 1: Set foundation in place.

Kelly uses the RCMA No Color Powder to lock her foundation in place. This sets a flawless, full-coverage base for the rest of your clown makeup for Halloween application.

Step 2: Create exaggerated brows and detailing around the eyes.

Using a fine detail brush, dip into a black gel liner or aqua-paint to fill in your eyebrows. For the inward portion of your brows (facing the nose) extend lines outward and up towards the forehead. Using the same black makeup, create clown-like detailing above the brows and around the eye area. Follow the video above to watch how Kelly accomplishes this, or follow your own style to create your perfect clown makeup look for Halloween!

While you're waiting for this clown makeup to dry, continue with steps 3 thru 5.

Step 3: Line and fill-in your lips.

Choose a dark purple or mauve color to line the full perimeter of your lips. When lining the lips, extend the corners of your mouth slightly outward for a wider, more exaggerated clown makeup lip effect.

Find a similar liquid lipstick color in a matte finish to fill in your clown lips since clown makeup often features overdrawn lips.

Step 4: Create bright pink clown cheeks.

Choose a rosy or light pink powder blush color and apply in a circular motion to the apples of your cheeks. You'll be left with round, cartoonish, clown-like cheeks - which is essential for any great clown makeup look. Go back over the blush with a bright pink aqua-paint to really make your cheeks pop.

Step 5: Create a cartoon clown makeup mouth.

Dip into a brown face paint to draw a large, cartoonish outline of a mouth around your lips. Start just between the bottom of your nose and upper lip, drawing the line out towards the bottom of your cheeks and down towards your chin. Follow the video above to watch how Kelly completes this portion of her clown makeup look.

Once you have your outline, fill-in the lines with a white face paint. Do not paint over your lipstick from the previous step.

Step 6: Complete your clown makeup eye design.

Now that your eyes have had time to dry, fill in the shapes you create earlier with the same black gel liner and finish off the look by gluing sequins or gems in certain parts of the eye design for a dramatic, glam effect. Go ahead and be creative! No two clown makeup looks are alike, so express yourself with unique shapes!

Step 7: Paint a colorful neck ruffle to bring your clown makeup look to life.

The iconic clown ruffle is a must to complete this clown makeup look! But no worries, you don't need to go buy one; just paint one!

Choosing bright, vibrant cake makeup colors, created thing blocks of color from the top of the neck to the top of your chest, finishing them off in a pointed fashion. Alternate colors as you go until the full neck is filled in.

Add white circles to the end of each pointed color line, and then outline everything in black (the circles and the individual color strips). You now have a bright collar that’s an excellent addition to your clown makeup for Halloween without any extra accessories.

Step 8: Add some serious glow!

Apply a shimmering body illuminator, like Danessa Myricks Illuminating Veil, to the shoulders and chest (just below your painted neck ruffle). Also, add it to the forehead and T-zone. This adds an extra element of glam!

If you want to transform this clown makeup look into a scary clown makeup look, simply add some special effects blood.

Visit our YouTube channel for more step-by-step SFX tutorials. A special thank you to artist Kelly Tull (@kellytull_) for bringing this Creepy-Glam Halloween Clown to life.

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Need something specific to create your SFX Halloween looks or want to find other unique makeup products to embellish your clown makeup look? Shop Camera Ready’s extensive collection of top special effects brands here.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact our Customer Experience Team for a comparable alternative, or to see if we can order the exact product you need to create your perfect clown makeup for Halloween.

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