Odds are, if you've ever searched online for a product review or for swatches of a makeup product, you've visited Temptalia.com and have read through her very detailed reviews. As far as beauty bloggers go, she has set the standard thanks to her comparisons to existing products, dupe recommendations, grading system, and the consistency in swatch and application photos. We had the chance to catch up with Christine and asked a few questions about her journey through the beauty industry.

A Beautiful Beginning

CRC: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started!
CHRISTINE: I fell in love with eye makeup when I went away to college, which was when I was allowed to wear makeup! I discovered MAC Pigments and just fell head-over-heels for them, which led to a full-blown obsession with MAC makeup in general. At the time, it was a way to be creative for someone who wouldn't ordinarily consider themselves creative. I started Temptalia as a way to archive the different makeup looks I was posting on social media (Livejournal at the time), but it evolved into sharing swatches, first impressions, and then later on reviews. It started to grow within a year or so - it did not take long - and beauty blogging became more popular in general. The digital landscape changes often, so it can be a challenge to keep up as platforms change, but it's important that Temptalia remains true to itself and what it does best: in-depth reviews and resources to help consumers make better purchasing decisions.
CRC: How does your family feel about your love for beauty - both when you started and now?
CHRISTINE: I'm very fortunate that my family has always been incredibly supportive of any endeavor I do, even for makeup, which is not something anyone in my immediate family is into! They are all quite proud of the journey that Temptalia has been on. My relatives are always spreading the word to customers, clients, friends, etc.

About the Blog

CRC: What were your goals when you first started your blog. What are they now?
CHRISTINE: The goals are still the same; the way we address them sometimes changes as time goes by, but the goals are still to help people make better purchases so that they love more of what they own with an inclusive community that fosters individuality and creativity without judgment.
CRC: Do you have a background in the beauty industry? You explain everything in such great detail!
CHRISTINE: I don't have any background in cosmetics at all! I'm completely self-taught/learned from experience!

Fun Facts

CRC: Do you remember the first makeup product you ever bought?
CHRISTINE: It's a tie between Benefit Show-Offs (loose, shimmery eyeshadow) and some MAC eyeshadow singles (I want to say Amber Lights, Bronze, and Goldmine were in the mix!). It was an expensive day at the mall!
CRC: What does the name Temptalia stand for, or how did you come up with it?
CHRISTINE: Temptalia is a word I made up to describe the perfect person–“they’re smart, sexy, confident, and totally amazing!”

Looking Ahead

CRC: Are there any trends in the makeup industry you're excited about? It can be past trends or even future trends you'd like to see?
CHRISTINE: I remain excited over the fact that the industry has become more inclusive over time--though we have a long way to go!--so I look forward to seeing this continue to improve across all aspects of the beauty industry!  
CRC: Do you think we may ever see a Temptalia Makeup brand?
CHRISTINE: Never say never, but there are no plans at this time to start my own beauty brand!

About Christine

Information and images courtesy of Temptalia

Temptalia is a global reference and resource for beauty enthusiasts featuring in-depth reviews, photos, swatches, tutorials, and beauty tips, along with popular features, such as Dupe List, Foundation Matrix, and Swatch Gallery. The company was founded in October of 2006 by Christine Mielke, who is also the editor-in-chief.

At the end of 2019, Temptalia has reached over 87 million unique people since it began. Each month, Temptalia reaches 1 million unique visitors who visit 2.7 million times and view 7 million pages.

Christine Mielke (Founder, Editor-in-Chief) lives in Arizona with her husband and resident technical expert, Shaun, and fur-kid, Winston (who even has his own Instagram account!). She is a 2011 graduate of Santa Clara University’s JD/MBA program, after having graduated in 2007 from University of California, Irvine with B.A. in Economics and B.A. in Political Science.

In 2021, she unveiled a collaboration with Sydney Grace, a makeup brand known for high-quality makeup with professional performance and pigmentation at a great price. The palettes they designed together encompass what both Christine and Laura, from Sydney Grace, are determined to do - to continue to increase awareness and makeup options that are inclusive for all.

Her Mission Statement says it all: Every person deserves to feel beautiful and confident from the inside out and free to express themselves through the art and beauty of makeup.

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