RCMA Cream Foundation has been a staple in many artists’ kits for decades, so it's no surprise the makeup community was abuzz with excitement when RCMA released their new Liquid Foundation and Liquid Concealer this year. These water-free highly-pigmented formulations are made with ingredients like squalane to hydrate and help replenish the skin. The result is a high-definition quality finish that feels light enough for everyday wear and performs well for all forms of makeup artistry.

To help you learn how to use the new products, we spoke with the team at RCMA to help answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Cream vs. Liquid

RCMA's cream foundation is known for being highly-pigmented, and the new Liquid Foundation and Liquid Concealer have the same high pigmentation that you love!

Our Beauty Advisor Calvin put it to the test, and he was able to cover his tattoo with ease.

Q: Can the new liquid foundation and liquid concealer be used with my existing cream-based RCMA products?

RCMA: For optimal performance, we recommend using the Liquid Foundation and Liquid Concealer together. However, we know our cream-based foundation is loved and an industry standard. Both the liquid foundation and liquid concealer can be used and mixed with our cream foundation and cream adjusters.

Q: Is there any correlation between the cream-based colors and the new formulation?

RCMA: There is no shade correlation between the two lines. People with cooler/beige undertones that would like a more neutral look should pick a very slightly warmer (peachy coral) foundation (the P series).   People with warmer/peachy undertones that would like a more natural look should pick a slightly golden or olive tone (the G Series). For those with neutral undertones, the N Series is the best choice, as it has truly neutral undertones.

PRO TIP: While there isn't a true correlation between the shades, the guide below will be a good starting point to help you find a shade the liquid formulas. As always, you can mix various shades to create the perfect match, and for the best color match, you may always buy a sample or contact our Beauty Advisors!

Shinto Shade Approximate Liquid Foundation Shade

Shinto 1

N 210 with a dab of N 230

Shinto 2

N 310 to G 330

Shinto 3

G 410

Shinto 4

P 410

Shinto 5

Between G430 & G530

Q: Why isn't there a P Series for the Liquid Concealer?

RCMA: We decided against a P Series for the Liquid Concealer because we found that the N Series was the perfect complement to the skin tones that were using the P Series in the Liquid Foundation.

The New Formula

Q: What are the benefits of the new formula being water-free?

RCMA: Many formulations on the market have a tendency to oxidize over time. The oxidation reaction usually only occurs in water-based formulas.   Our water-free formula will never shift in color giving an all-day flawless look.

Q: What type of artistry is the new formula ideal for? Editorial, bridal, print, commercial, etc.?

RCMA: The formula has high coverage and provides a natural finish, so it is ideal for all types of artistry. It performs well on camera, and the olive oil derivatives and silica provide a skin-smoothing quality and keep the complexion fresh all day long for events and weddings.

Tips to Use the New Formula

Q: Is a brush or a sponge better?

RCMA: Both tools work well. They are thicker than other liquid-based formulas, so they will not soak into your sponge as much as other liquid products can. Just like with the original cream formula, the foundation and concealer are highly pigmented and can be sheered out to your preferred coverage.

PRO TIP: The new formula is water-free, so do not use a water-based mixing medium. Opt for silicone-based, oil-based, or wax-based mixing mediums.

Q: Do you have to set the foundation?

RCMA: We recommend setting it with the new Premiere Powder. The Pressed Premiere Powder is the perfect finishing touch to set the foundation and concealer into place and will provide a slightly matte finish to the areas you set. It's finely milled and can be used for touch-ups and will not look powdery or dry thanks to ingredients like Laurel Lysine and Butter Powder. Additionally, the new shades we added provide a brightening effect for different skin tones while blurring minor imperfections. Amber has a light peach tint that adds slight warmth to the skin. Topaz has a tint of warm brown to warm up medium to deep skin tones. If your client or model has dark circles or dull skin, Amethyst provides a brightening and softening effect.

Q: What are the differences between the Pressed and Loose Premiere Powders?

RCMA: The Loose Premiere Powder comes in three shades (Amber, Topaz, and No-Color) and can be used before applying foundation to provide extra oil control. The pressed is more of a finishing/touch-up product. The Loose Premiere Powder is intended for setting and baking.

Stocking Your Kit with the New Products

What shades should I add to my kit?

Ready to try the new formula but aren't sure where to start? We recommend starting with the N Series and picking up a few shades. Start with the lightest shade that you feel matches your client base and grab a few more shades (skip two or three shades in between) so you have a wide range of shades to play with. The N Series is neutral, so use your Foundation Adjuster Palette to adjust the foundation to match your clients. After using it for several jobs, if you notice you are using the yellow adjuster frequently, you should add some shades from the G Series. If you are reaching for the red adjuster, add a few shades from the P Series to your kit, as it has the peachy and coral undertones you have been mixing.

How are the new Premiere Powders different than the Original No Color Powder and other RCMA Powders?

The new Premiere Powders offer three new shades and an updated formulation of No Color Powder. Amethyst is lightly tinted violet to provide a brightening effect for all skin tones, Amber adds a light tint of warmth for light to medium complexions, and Topaz has a slight warm brown tint that will add warmth for complexions ranging from medium to the richest deep shades. The powder is very finely milled and provides a blurring effect that helps smooth light imperfections, and it can be used numerous times throughout the day for touchups. The original powders are best used when makeup is first applied to set and perfect.

RCMA Liquid Foundation

RCMA Liquid Concealer

RCMA Foundation Adjuster Palette

RCMA Premiere Powders

Ready to try the new formulas?

If you're ready to try the newest RCMA products, click here to shop! If you want to test out the new Liquid Concealer and Liquid Foundation, click here to shop for samples. For more information and tips, our Beauty Advisors are here to help. Drop them a line at beautyadvisor@crcmakeup.com, or come visit us in our Dallas showroom!

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