When it comes to SFX makeup, nothing is more rewarding than creating your own prosthetics, wounds, or scars. Mehron 3D Gel is the perfect product to use to make all three, but using this product takes a little practice. That's why we are sharing some of our top tips in this blog! If you missed our Camera Ready Live on our @camerareadysfx account, you may watch the replay below!

Warming With the Microwave Method

In order to use the product, you will need to warm it slightly to achieve a liquid consistency. However, it's important to warm it gently and to test the temperature before you apply it to the skin to ensure you do not burn yourself or your client.

Take the cap off, and microwave the gel in five to 10-second increments. Each time, remove it from the microwave and tilt the bottle to see how liquified the gel is. If it's still too solid, remove the cap and warm for another 5-10 seconds. Keep repeating this process until it flows freely inside the bottle, you're ready. Pour the gel into a shallow container to allow it to cool slightly before application.

Use a steel spatula to mix the product to remove any air bubbles, and once the liquid has thickened up slightly, you may begin to test the temperature of it on the back of your hand. Apply a very small amount while testing.

PRO Tip: Do not overheat. Doing so can cause the formula to break and become unusable. The consistency of the gel will be a similar to honey when it is ready to be applied.

Warming With the Boiling Water Method

Many artists prefer the boiling water method because it's much less likely that you'll overheat the gel. First, heat some water until it begins to boil. Fill a cup with the boiling water, and place the capped bottle into it until the gel melts. This takes on average between three to five minutes. Once you see it has melted, take the bottle out of the water and tilt it to view the consistency. Once it is a true liquid, pour it into a shallow dish and allow it to cool until it reaches a comfortable temperature.

PRO Tip: You may color the gel with Mehron’s Liquid Makeup or Fantasy F/X makeup while it is liquefied

Setting the Gelatin

The gelatin will remain slightly tacky once it is applied, so set it with Colorset Powder to knock back the shine and to prep it for painting. This step will also help it stay in place for longer wear.  

Removing the Gelatin

Removal is quick and easy with Mehron 3D Gel! Gently peel away, and always wash with soap and water when you're done.

Feeling Inspired?

We hope you enjoyed these quick tips for using Mehron 3D Gel. If you want to see it in action, watch the video at the top of this blog! If you want to learn more about any of the products mentioned or need another recommendation, our Beauty Advisors are here to help. Click here to send them a message.

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