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If you have an event or a photoshoot to attend, setting spray is a must-have. However, choosing the best setting spray for the job and your technique will ensure your makeup lasts all day.

In this blog, we talked to Leslie Hernandez, a professional makeup artist and the CEO of Backstage Makeup Professionals based in Dallas, Texas, to see how she creates looks that last with Skindinavia.

Behind the Brand

Allen Goldman, the creator and owner of Skindinavia, found inspiration for his cult classic setting spray in a rather unusual place. He noticed women at the nightclub struggled to keep their makeup on in the hot and crowded environment1. He started Skindinavia in 2005 and worked with world-class chemists to create a setting spray that would keep makeup on for 16+ hours, prevent color fading and shifting, and work on all skin types. They introduced the Original Makeup Finishing Spray in 2007, and it took the film industry and performance artists in Hollywood and Las Vegas by storm.  
Allen's passion for creating innovative formulas led to the introduction of the Bridal Makeup Setting Spray with a satin finish perfect for photography and the Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray to keep makeup cool and shine-free while aiding in the absorption of excess oil.

Picking the Perfect Skindinavia Formula

CRC: Can you tell us a bit more about why you like to use Skindinavia Setting Sprays and what each formula is best suited for?

Leslie: It's nice to have different formulas for different situations. During Texas summers, I rely on Primer Spray Oil Control and Finishing Spray Oil Control. During warm summer days or even under intense lighting, the skin will produce more sweat and natural oils. These products make sure that the makeup will stay immaculately. If my client has very oily skin, I use these, too. My pro tip is to wet your makeup sponge with the Oil Control spray to add extra oil-absorbing qualities to your favorite foundation.

When I want the skin to look fresh with natural radiance, I use Finishing Spray Bridal Edition. Any of these three products will effectively hold the makeup for 16 hours. . It will look intact from the moment I finish till the end of the photoshoot or event.

CRC: What sets Skindinavia apart from other setting sprays you've used?

Leslie: It has a patented technology that helps control the temperature of the skin: Temperature Control Technology. It basically makes your skin breathe for a full 16 hours, even when you have full makeup on. The experts who worked on their products made clever use of science to solve the root cause of fading makeup: heat trapped in the skin.   Their products are capable of drawing heat away from the skin and make sure that evaporation—sweat and oil—will be gradual.

The pump is also very unique and delivers a very fine mist that is lightweight and even in distribution. The Skindinavia team spent three years perfecting their spray pump, so you know it's good!

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Client Feedback

CRC: As a makeup artist, there is almost no bigger compliment than when a client contacts you after their event to say how much they loved their makeup. What kind of feedback have you gotten when it comes to setting spray?

Leslie: It is very common that I also get reviews from clients saying, “My makeup lasted all day!” or “I didn't touch up all day!” One of my clients even said, “I slept in my makeup and it was perfect the next day.” Of course, I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing the last one, but clients are always the best people who can put Skindinavia to the test.  They also tell me that whatever products they use at home don’t work like what I used on them at the studio, and they always want to know the secret. I love to share what I use, and I feel proud to say that I select professional products to use on them, which work much better than high-end products.

Photo credit @felipe.photographer

Leslie's PRO Tips

CRC: What techniques do you use to get maximum performance from your setting spray?

Leslie: I apply the finishing spray to my makeup sponge since it touches the face when it is a blank canvas. Then, I spray it in between makeup layers, depending on the look. At the end, I like to pamper my clients and give them a “spa-like experience” by applying several pumps. The mist feels so good at the end of a makeup session.

CRC: What about pre-makeup prep?

Leslie: The Makeup Primer Spray works very well with any liquid or cream primer, and from any brand. The product complements any other primer because its ingredients are filled with vitamins that other primers don’t have. It also simplifies skin prep, since it has a lot of hydrating benefits to wake the skin up and get it ready for makeup application.

CRC: Do you ever have clients that are apprehensive about setting spray? If so, what do you tell them?

Leslie: Some clients or students think that setting spray will be incredibly drying. I let them know Skindinavia has technology and research behind it.

Another common misconception is that setting spray will make their makeup look shiny and dewy, especially when they have oily or combination skin types. I tell them that “oily” is different from “dewy and hydrated”. A setting spray can actually hydrate the skin, which is great for making the makeup look natural.

Photo credit @felipe.photographer

How to Use Skindinavia Setting Spray

1. Getting Started

On a clean face, spray a light layer of the Makeup Primer Spray. Allow the spray to dry before moving to the next step.  

2. Prep Your Tools

Spray your makeup sponge or brush with the setting spray before you dip it into your foundation. This will allow it to mix in with the foundation during application and lengthen the wear time.

3. ​Apply Foundation

After the first layer of foundation, I spray finishing spray again. The closer the finishing spray is to the skin, the better its cooling technology will work.

4. Finishing Touch

When you're done with the makeup, apply the finishing spray again by moving the bottle in a circular motion to ensure the entire face is evenly coated. Allow to dry, and you're done!

About Leslie Hernandez

Leslie Hernandez is a professional makeup artist and CEO of Backstage Makeup Professionals, a collective of professional artists serving the DFW area. Her passion for makeup started at an early age when she played with her mother's Estee Lauder gift samples and stored them in her Caboodle2.

She went to school for business before pursuing and obtaining her Masters in Science of Education from State University of NY. All throughout her education, she kept up with the beauty industry and trained with many renowned Mexican, American, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, celebrity & international makeup artists along the way including Makeup By Mario, Danessa Myricks, Patrick Ta, Jordan Liberty, and many more.

To learn more about Leslie, click here, or visit her on Instagram.


1. Claudia Schaffer, The Skindinavia Story: How an Unlikely Place Created the Perfect Beauty Product

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