Longer days, summer vacation, and time spent outdoors with loved ones. While the perks of summer can be great for the soul, they can take a toll on our skin and hair, but don't worry. We have the perfect products to keep you Camera Ready all season long!

In this blog, we’ll be going over our top 5 Ways to Adjust Your Summer Beauty Routine:

  1. Make sure you have sun protection for your skin
  2. Incorporate sun protection and repair for your hair
  3. Consider using a self-tanning product instead of a true summer tan
  4. Incorporate exfoliators like scalp scrubs, body scrubs, and more
  5. Enhance your best assets with body glow products

Tip #1: Always Use Sun Protection for Your Skin

While sunscreen and sun protection should be a part of your routine all year long, it's important to remember that even if you're outside for a short time, the sun's UV rays will be more intense during the summer season. If your summer activities call for a day by the lake, pool, or ocean, you're getting both direct sun rays and the reflected rays bouncing off the water. If you use Vitamin C or AHAs in your skincare regimen, your skin will be even more sensitive to UV radiation and may burn faster.

Lucky for you, we offer sun protection products that are formulated for different skin types and to work well under makeup, so you can shop with confidence knowing you'll be Camera Ready no matter which one you select!

How to Select the Right Sunscreen

  • Select a sun protection product with at least SPF30
  • Read the label and see if it's broad spectrum to give you the most protection
  • Don't rely solely on makeup with SPF. Tinted moisturizers with SPF are a great option, especially if your outdoor activities are limited to 20 minutes or less, but the amount of sun protection you need for full protection will often exceed how much makeup most users will apply, and if you do not apply even coats of makeup to your face, you will not be protected properly
  • Choose a separate sun protection product for your face and your body. Facial sun protection products are formulated with skincare benefits and sensitive skin types in mind, so they'll often be more expensive than body SPF products. Facial sun protection products can work for your body, but having two separate sun protection products can help you have the best value and maximize benefits
  • Make sure you follow the reapplication instructions on the packaging. If you're actively sweating or swimming, consider reapplying even before the packaging suggests, as you will actively be wiping away product doing these activities
  • Don't forget to protect your lips with a balm with SPF

How to Select the Right Sunscreen Based on Your Skin Type

Tip #2: Incorporate Sun Protection and Restorative Treatments for Your Hair

Most folks already incorporate SPF into their skincare routine, but if you've ever experienced a scalp sunburn or experienced extra hair frizz and damaged tresses, you'll know how it can be to soothe and repair! Wearing a hat can go a long way to protect the more sensitive skin on your scalp, but you should take extra steps to protect your hair that isn't covered by the brim or cap of the hat.

Many Oribe products include sun protection to help keep your hair looking its best. The newest products we've added from SACHAJUAN are designed to not only protect your hair from the sun's damaging rays but to also replenish and restore after a long day of exposure.

Hair In The Sun with Ocean Silk Technology protects your hair and hair color from the sun with a UV filter that stays in the hair even after a bath or a shower. It also works as a styling cream, providing a light styling effect to keep your hair in place while enjoying the sun. Hair After The Sun with Ocean Silk Technology is the perfect treatment to use after a long day at the beach. It re-moisturizes, highly conditions, and restores shine in your hair after exposure to sunlight. Both products are cruelty free, vegan, and paraben free.

Tip #3: Consider Opting for a Sunless Tan with Self-Tanning Products

We know a sunkissed glow can complete your summer look, but a sunless option is always a healthier option for your skin. We offer pro-approved sunless tanning products from St. Tropez and Loving Tan to give you. If you're not sure which formula suits you best, we offer minis and kits to find your perfect tan!

To achieve your best self-tanning results at home, follow these simple steps:

Tip #4: Find a Good Exfoliator for Your Skin and Scalp

Exfoliation is a key part of any skincare routine, and it's a process our bodies go through naturally. However, as we age, our cell turnover slows down, and our bodies can use a helping hand to slough off dead skin cells and debris. While there are various types of exfoliators including skincare with acids, a physical scrub or tool like a body brush or exfoliating body plane will help whisk away impurities without having to worry if your skin will react well to any skincare ingredients.

How to Use An Exfoliating Body Brush

    1. Best used on dry skin before a bath or shower.
    2. Begin at your feet, gently brushing upwards (toward your heart) in long, circular, sweeping motions.
    3. Be sure to brush your entire body, but take care as your brush over sensitive areas.

    PRO Tips:

    • Dry brush at least once a day for the best results.
    • Alternate between the hottest water temperature you can tolerate and the coldest. This technique stimulates blood circulation by bringing more blood to the top layers of the skin.
    • Clean your brush with soap and water once a week and store in a clean, dry place to avoid mildew accumulation.


How to Use An Exfoliating Body Plane

    1. Immediately after cleansing in the bath or shower, apply a body oil from head to toe.

    2. Using medium to strong pressure, glide the Body Plane over damp, oiled skin towards the torso.

    3. Focusing on arms and legs, scrape away dead skin and dirt with long, steady, upward strokes maintaining a moderate pressure.

    4. Wipe the Body Plane clean as needed with a clean, cotton cloth, or tissue.

    5. Use softer pressure and shorter strokes on chest, torso, and neck.

      PRO Tip: In order for the Body Plane to work properly, make sure your skin is damp and softened. If skin is fully dry it will be difficult to remove the surface skin and dirt even with oil.  

      When incorporating scrubs into your summer routine, don't forget your scalp! Hot days in the sun, at the pool, or increased humidity can cause build-up, so use a scalp scrub once a week to keep your scalp in Camera Ready condition!

Tip #5: Use a Body Glow Product to Enhance Your Best Assets

Since warmer weather often means shorts and sleeveless shirts, you can always enhance your freshly exfoliated and sun-protected skin with a body glow product for that added healthy sheen! From temporary body tanning products to those that have luminosity, we have you covered.

Pro favorite brands like Melanie Mills Hollywood have been used on television sets including Dancing With The Stars to provide light blurring of imperfections and wrinkles, and the Melanie Mills Hollywood Super Lite Setting Spray was created to lock the glow in place. It's infused with botanicals to condition the skin and is even safe for use on the face.

If you prefer a powder instead of a lotion, Scott Barnes Body Bling offers three inclusive shades that were created to mimic the effect of crushed diamonds on the skin for a truly show-stopping sparkle from head to toe.

We bet you're even more excited to get out there and start living your best life this summer! Explore our best selling skincare products, and if you need more help or a personalized recommendation, we are here to help. Click here to contact a Beauty Advisor!

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Today, our team of beauty industry veterans work together to curate the best quality products on the market. We partner with brands who respect the industry and formulate products for true working artists. You won’t find CRC in high-end malls, and we don't wear matching brush belts.

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