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Cozzette Brushes for Eyes




Cozzette Brushes for Eyes presents 100% vegan makeup brushes of the highest quality. Silky bristles made of the finest synthetic fibers – polymer filaments provide you with peace of mind and blending perfection. Practice compassion through the art of beauty with these essential, cruelty-free tools. 

  • D200 Bullet Brush - An amazingly dense pointed shape to target the lash line. Produces a smoky effect with eyeshadows in record time.
  • D220 Pencil Brush - A makeup brush with a pointed shape that precisely creates a soft focus when defining eyeshadow around the lash line, eyelid or crease. Perfect for when you are wanting a perfect smoky eye.
  • D225 The Depositor Brush - A densely shaped makeup brush perfect for the placement of bold color or the delicate blending of highlighters. It’s versatility and size makes it an artist favorite.
  • D230 The Mini Definer - A mighty little makeup brush created to define the lash-line and eyebrows. The mini definer is ideal for the application of eyeshadow powders or creme colors to enhance any eye makeup.
  • D240 Fusion Brush - An ultra soft definer brush created to load color pigments on the eyelids for a pop of color. The tips of the oval design are perfect to create a smoky eye effect around the lash line of the eye.
  • D250 Perfect Angled Eyebrow Mini - An angled eyebrow brush created to enhance the shape of the eyebrows. It is the perfect tool to use with both powders or cream to create soft to dramatic styling. The dense fiber structure is designed to facilitate the best outcome with minimal time and effort.
  • D255 Perfect Angle Eyebrow Brush – A perfect angle eyebrow makeup brush to create bold eyebrow designs or a smoky effect with cream or shadow around the eyes. Cut time and energy with this full bodied shading tool and create dramatic looks that speaks volume.
  • Eye Blending Brush #4 - Best brush for contouring the eyes. Designed with the softest faux squirrel fibers available to modern technology. Perfect makeup brush to compliment the eye socket (contouring the crease) with creme or powder eyeshadows.
  • P365 Stylist Designer Brush - A wicked little brush that is capable of painting fine to medium size lines with ease and precision on the face or body.  This brush is amazing for the application of concealer and lip color as well. Created with their new Black Silk fiber that is the softest fiber available to care for delicate skin.
  • P370 Stylist (New Style) - This makeup brush is preferred by top makeup artists’ because of its shapely design that creates precise applications of color on the lips. Perfect for the artist that prefers the utmost control; ideal as a small concealing brush on the face or body.
  • P373 Extreme Eyeliner Brush - An extreme take on the eyeliner brush.  A precisely streamlined dagger shape, perfect to create graphic lines on the face or body. Great for use with liquid eyeliner to create a bold accent to the eyes. 
  • P375 Stylish Eyeliner Brush - A makeup brush created with streamlined precision capable of producing the finest of lines and details. Perfect for use with liquid eyeliner to create a delicate or graphic feature to the eyes.
  • Precision Eyeliner Brush #11 - A precision eyeliner brush great for creating graphic styles with liquid eyeliner. Its bent ferrule allows the artist to reach the inner corner of the eye.  Its unique shape works to align with the contours of the eye. Their new Black Silk fiber is extremely soft while having the power to move product with ease.
  • S165 Magic Blender Brush - This moderately sized blending brush has a pointed fiber structure, which allows perfect blending of iridescent highlighters on the cheekbone, eyeshadows, cream concealer, and is an excellent setting powder brush. Designed with the softest faux squirrel fibers available through modern technology.
  • S175 Eye Contour Brush – A brush for contouring the eyes, and the most popular brush in the S series. Designed with the softest faux squirrel fibers available to modern technology. The perfect makeup brush to compliment the eye socket (contouring the crease) with creme or powder eyeshadows.
  • S185 Mini Eye Blender - A petite cylinder shaped crease brush ideal for creating fine detail in the crease of the eye or around the lash line. Ideal for smaller eye shapes.
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