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Morphe - Gun Metal Brush Collection

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Morphe Gun Metal brushes are uniquely shaped and designed to give the professional makeup artist the ultimate application of powder, cream and liquid makeup. These brushes feature synthetic bristles that apply product evenly without wasting a single drop. Their sturdy metallic handles also make them easy to hold and absolutely stunning!


    • G2-Pointed Buffer (Synthetic Bristles Dimensions: Bristles: 1 1/4" Full Length: 6 1/2")
    • G3-Tapered Contour (Synthetic Bristles Dimensions: Bristles: 1" Full Length: 6 1/8")
    • G4-Angle Blush (Synthetic Bristles Dimensions: Bristles: 1 3/8" Full Length: 6 3/4")
    • G6-Flat Buffer (Synthetic Bristles Dimensions: Bristles: 7/8" Full Length: 6")
    • G17-Round Blender (Synthetic Bristles Dimensions: Bristles: 3/4" Full Length: 6")
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