A good skincare routine can be taken to the next level with the help of some handy skincare tools, but it can be hard to pick the right one for your routine!

In this blog, we will share our best skincare tool recommendations to address the following skincare needs:

  • The best skincare tools for exfoliation and deep cleansing
  • The best skincare tools for anti-aging and toning the skin
  • The best skincare tools to soothe stressed-out skin
  • The best skincare tools massage the skin and increase product absorption

The Best Skincare Tools for Exfoliation & Deep Cleansing

We firmly believe some of the best tools are our hands and fingertips when it comes to applying skincare and makeup, but when it comes to cleansing and exfoliating, tools just do it better.

The Conture AeroCleanse Facial Cleansing Device constantly sells out for us because it offers a gentle yet effective cleanse by utilizing sonic & airflow technology to safely and effectively cleanse. The sonic vibrations remove dirt, excess oil, and makeup from pores, while airflow technology increases the suds of your favorite cleanser to more effectively carry away impurities. This prevents over-stripping your skin.

Exfoliation is also a key step to revealing healthy glowing skin, but the key is to be gentle. Over-exfoliation can disrupt the skin's barrier, so choose a tool that gently removes debris and dead skin. Our top picks are the Conture Kinetic Smooth Hair Remover & Skin Polisher and the Esker Beauty Body Plane. The Conture Kinetic Smooth Hair Remover & Skin Polisher can be used on the face and body to remove unwanted hair with its precision rotary blades and has an interchangeable polishing head that gently buffs to reveal a glowing complexion.

If you’re seeking the perfect tool to exfoliate your body, the Esker Beauty Body Plane smooths skin and removes dirt and residue without damaging or irritating the skin’s moisture barrier. It has a dull "blade" that glides over wet or oiled skin that gently sloughs away impurities and dead skin while also acting as a gua sha massage for your body. It's a great alternative to a body scrub, especially if you have sensitive skin!

After dampening your skin, apply your favorite oil and glide the body plane along your arms and legs in upward motions. You’ll notice the immediate exfoliation of debris and dead skin, resulting in visibly softer skin. To learn more about the body plane and how to use it, be sure to check out our blog dedicated to this unique tool!

The Best Skincare Tools for Anti-Aging and Toning

If your number one skincare goal is anti-aging, skin toning is a must. The Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System is a celebrity favorite for more youthful skin, as it has isometric compression and low-frequency vibrations to stimulate and tone skin. This technology replicates what was once only available at med-spas and skin clinics, but now, you can effectively fight dullness, puffiness, and signs of aging from the comfort of your own home. While it may sound silly, the basic idea behind this tool is that it provides a gentle suction to the surface of the skin before gently releasing it back to its natural position. This simple yet effective repetitive motion increases circulation, helps drain extra fluids, and smoothes the skin.

When it comes to toning the skin, celebrity makeup artists and estheticians often reach for FDA-approved NuFACE tools for effective toning and lifting of the face and body. These handy devices use microcurrents to tone the skin (just like toning your muscles when you go to the gym), and while the results are cumulative, some see immediate results - especially in the lip line and eyelid area! Be sure to check out all of the great NuFACE routines and NuFACE devices we offer including the NuFACE Trinity PRO. 

The Best Skincare Tools to Soothe Stressed Out Skin & Increase Circulation

Facial rollers are one of the most well-recognized skincare tools today. An ancient beauty practice dating back thousands of years, facial rollers provide energetic healing while improving the complexion’s appearance.

The Esker Beauty Allover Roller extends beyond the tradition of facial rolling and is designed specifically for use all over the body. Measuring 7 inches across, the extra-large roller is textured with soft spikes to increase stimulation, break up fascia, and help better absorb any treatment oil or product. The Allover Roller aids in lymphatic drainage, which helps to detoxify, and provides tension relief throughout the entire body.

If you’re looking for a more traditional yet highly effective facial roller, the Jenny Patinkin Rose on Rose Face Roller utilizes rose quartz for its healing properties. Rose quartz is believed to emit energetic vibrations of love and beauty, which is said to improve self-esteem as well as feelings of self-worth, forgiveness, and compassion. Like other rollers, the Rose on Rose Face Roller aids with lymphatic drainage, reduces inflammation, boosts circulation, and temporarily firms the skin. If you want to start your day with added radiance and glow, the Rose on Rose Face Roller is our top choice.

If you want the facial roller effect but aren’t keen on rollers, we recommend the Jenny Patinkin Uplifting Gua Sha Heart. Apply an oil, serum, or moisturizer, and glide the tool over the skin for a relaxing spa experience that will leave you feeling fresher and more awake. Like facial rollers, the Gua Sha Heart will promote lymphatic drainage and improve the appearance of skin laxity. It also comes with its own matching carrying case for relaxation and healing on the go.

Finally, we can't help but gush about our love for the Milk + Honey Body Brush. Crafted from Chinese cherrywood and 100% boar bristles, it provides gentle exfoliation, promotes healthy circulation and detoxification, and helps to reveal smoother skin.

The Best Skincare Tools to Increase Skincare Product Absorption

If you're short on self-care time but still want an incredibly effective way to elevate your skincare routine, a device that incorporates cryo-therapy, micro-needling, or massaging may be the perfect tool for you. Cryo-therapy harnesses the benefits of lower temperatures (think of pro athletes taking an ice bath after a strenuous workout) to invigorate the skin and muscles. This cooling treatment can help reduce puffiness, lift and firm the skin, tighten pores, and even reduce the appearance of dark circles.

The Fraîcheur Paris Ice Globes are our personal favorite easy-to-use cryo-therapy tool. For those who aren’t familiar, facial cooling globes are spherical tools that can be placed in the freezer and then rolled over the face for a number of skincare benefits. In addition to the benefits listed above, they can also brighten the complexion, reduce acne scarring, and more. Want to feel extra refreshed in the morning or soothe tired skin and tense muscles at the end of a day? Incorporate a quick facial ice globe session into your routine, and try using it on top of your favorite sheet mask for a next-level facial.

The award-winning Jenny Patinkin Rose on Rose Derma Roller has won great praise from Health and Shape magazines because it's a fast, painless, and low-tech tool that helps your skincare products sink more deeply into your skin. The tool uses microneedles to create tiny channels into the deeper layers of your skin, allowing the ingredients to sink in more effectively. While it may be tempting, we only recommend using this tool one to two times per week.

Finally, if you're like many others and suffer from facial muscle tension or a dull complexion in general, you'll love The Gold Sculpting Bar. Created by celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, this vibrating facial tool helps sculpt the face by increasing circulation and can help ease tension in the jaw, forehead, around the lips, and more. For the ultimate facial, use it while wearing your favorite sheet mask or under eye patches!

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