Let's face it. Skincare routines can be daunting. What comes first, a serum or an essence? Should you use a facial oil before a moisturizer or after? Indie Lee and our own skincare experts chipped in to help answer those questions and more!

How to Layer Skincare

The more products you use, the more important proper layering becomes. Layering is particularly important when it comes to the texture and concentration of your products. A rule of thumb we like to follow is to start with your lightest textures and highest concentrations, like toners, essences, and serums.

End with your heavier textures like your moisturizers and oils. This helps with absorption into the skin and efficacy of your products so they can do what they’re intended to do.

When and Where Should You Apply Eye Products?

Unsure of your eye products? Your eye product can really go over or under the rest of your skincare routine, and it tends to be applied based on preference. The goal of many eye creams is to lock in extra hydration to prevent the delicate skin around our eyes from getting dry throughout the day.

Since most skincare products nowadays are intended to be used on specific areas of your face to target skincare needs, we actually recommend using each product exactly where the name states. Reserve your eye products for the skin immediately around your eyes, and apply your facial moisturizer to the rest of your face. Doubling up on facial moisturizer and eye product around your eyes won't necessarily result in that area being twice as moisturized.

An important note is that you don't need a moisturizer specifically for your eye area. Instead, it's more important to carefully check the ingredients of the moisturizer you're using for your face to see if it has any areas that might irritate your eyes. When in doubt, check with one of our beauty experts, a dermatologist, or an esthetician.

Our tip: If you’re using an eye serum, layer in the same step as your facial serums, before your moisturizer. If you’re using an eye cream, layer last! Eye creams are usually rich and as a result thicker in texture, so it’s a good idea to end your routine with them.

How Much of My Skincare Products Should I Use?

It may be tempting to use more product because it may feel like the more you use, the more effective it will be. However, Indie Lee created the guide below to help show how much product is just enough to give you the maximum efficacy without wasting product!

Cleanser: quarter size⁣
Serum: blueberry size⁣
Moisturizer: nickel size⁣
Eye Serum: Pomegranate seed size

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