One of the most exciting seasons for us includes the fall Wedding, Homecoming, and event season because wedding guests and event attendees get Camera Ready for those events with even more glitz and glam than almost any other time of the year (except New Years Eve)! That's why our Beauty Advisor Calvin created this Event Ready Makeup Look to ensure you're the belle of the ball with the best makeup look.

The Products Featured to Create this Green Eyeshadow Homecoming or Event Makeup Look Include:

Let's Get Into the Tutorial!

How to create a beautiful green eyeshadow look for events

To prime the eyes, Calvin took Jason Wu Beauty Wu Prime Eye in the shade light and applied it with a brush. This allowed him to control exactly how much he wanted to deposit and where.

Next, to ensure even coverage, he took a disposable sponge and tapped out the primer across the entire eye area up to the brow bone and even a little outward to ensure the smoky blown-out eyeshadow look would lock into place.

How to create a beautiful green eyeshadow look for events

Step 2: Apply a Blown-Out Smoky Eyeshadow Look for Maximum Impact and to Make the Eyes Look Bigger

Green eyeshadow has been a big makeup trend for 2022, so Calvin used Dose of Colors Cutting Edge Eyeshadow Palette along with the Olivine Twin Flames in the Danessa Myricks Buried Treasure kit for a smoky and shimmery look.

With the Cozzette S 175 brush, he started with the shade Cameo to shape where he wanted the smoky eye to be the darkest on the outer corner and tapped it onto the skin. Next, he took a clean Bdellium Golden Triangle 785 brush to diffuse the color. He dipped the brush into the lighter shade Edgy and blended the color outward to soften the color to ensure it looked soft while still impactful with the lovely green hue. He tapped into the darker Cameo shade again and tapped in more pigment into the outer half of the lid before creating a soft cut crease using a Smith Cosmetics brush with Olivine Twin Flames.

How to create a beautiful green eyeshadow look for events

Step 3: Apply Eyeliner and Highlight the Brow Bones & Inner Corner of the Eye

To help create dimension to the look, Calvin used Jouer Celestial Powder Highlighter on the inner corner and directly under the brow bone.

Calvin lined the model's eyes with Meloway Super Black Meloliner and applied it with a flat liner brush, to better control application and to prevent it from looking like a harsh line. He smudged it against her lash line and applied a hint of Cameo eyeshadow on top to make it blend into the look even more. Next, apply lashes and mascara.

PRO Tip: Even if your client is used to wearing brown or a different shade of mascara, make sure you're using mascara that matches the false lashes.

How to create a beautiful green eyeshadow look for events

Step 4: Apply Blush to Make the Cheeks Pop

Blush is a must for a great event makeup look, and highlighter can catch the light just right if the event is being held in a dimly lit environment. Calvin used RMS Beauty Re Dimension Hydra Blush in French Rose to provide a glowy flush to the cheeks.

How to create a beautiful green eyeshadow look for events

Step 5: Apply Lip Liner, Gloss, and Setting Spray

To ensure the lips didn't overpower the beautiful eyeshadow, Calvin kept the lips neutral with Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pencil in the shade Whatever Walnut.

He added Jouer Long Wear Lip Topper in Skinny Dip to add sparkle and dimension to her lips. Once you're happy with the look, set with Melanie Mills Super Lite Setting Spray to prolong the wear time of your beautiful look.

Watch the Event Makeup Tutorial

That's it! You're Camera Ready! To see the entire tutorial in action, watch the video below!

Feeling inspired to recreate the look? Watch the video above, or visit our YouTube Channel!  We hope this blog inspires you this event season, and if you have any questions, our Beauty Experts are just a quick email away! If you recreate this look or any of our other tutorials, be sure to tag us @camerareadycosmetics on social media!

We're here to help YOU get Camera Ready in whatever way makes YOU feel confident and ready to take on the day! Go ahead and explore the products our I Am Camera Ready Pros use to get Camera Ready, or view our I Am Camera Reach Schedule of Events to learn more & to view our full schedule of events, giveaways, & more!

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