Whether you're saying I Do or dining and dancing the night away, there are certain beauty products that will help your makeup be Camera Ready all day and night long! In this blog, we'll have you discover the long-wearing, highly pigmented, and makeup sealing products pros have used for years.

The topics we will be covering in our blog about being Camera Ready for Brides & Big Events include:

When it comes to bridal makeup looks, there will always be fun new trends that some brides want to try, but there are definitely some staple products that will create a lasting look both when it comes to wear-time and the overall look of the photos.  

Skin prep is an essential part of any bridal makeup look, so makeup artists rely on face masks, under-eye patches, and hydrating lip care to ensure the bride is looking their best!

Matte eyeshadows tend to photograph the best because shimmery shades can catch the light differently depending on the lighting angles. If a bride is outdoors, the sun will give unpredictable lighting, so a soft pearly satin-finish eyeshadow will be the best to create an eye-opening effect to create dimension.

The Essential Skincare Steps to Get Ready for Being Photographed:

  • CAT Complexion Atelier Magic Lash Adhesive - this ultra-strong adhesive can keep your lashes on through tears of joy, in fact, the brand claims it can keep your lashes on for up to four days!
  • Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finishing Spray - The holy grail of setting sprays, the Bridal Makeup Finishing Spray combines Skindinavia’s patented technology that keeps makeup in place for up to 16 hours with a beautiful natural satin finish to enhance your bridal glow
  • Face Atelier Ultra Foundation - Available in a larger bottle and a smaller kit-friendly size in a plastic bottle, Face Atelier Ultra Foundation is a favorite for brides because it is pore-smoothing, hydrating, flexible, breathable, and long-wearing.
  • Danessa Myricks Nudist or Feminist Luxe Cream Palettes - If soft, hydrated, and full-looking lips are part of your bridal look, the Nudist and Feminist Palettes are right up your alley! This cream-based product can double as a cream blush and offers a wide range of shades to suit every mood
  • Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies - Romantic and fluttery lashes are a must for brides, and these are lightweight and look natural in photographs
  • Jouer Essential Lip Oil - The secret to a kissable pout is in the lip prep! Jouer’s viral lip oil is a must for pros because it conditions lips in just minutes for all-day hydration
  • Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Patches - Soothe tired or stressed under eyes and hydrate them to ensure they’ll look smooth all day! These patches are in professional makeup artists’ kits because they will help the makeup look better and serve as a luxurious treatment for their clients!
  • Viseart Grande PRO 1X - When it comes to matte eyeshadow palettes, this one reigns supreme thanks to the large variety of shades and tones to create looks ranging from soft and subtle to bold, smokey, and daring. These highly pigmented shades have been a pro staple for years and are a popular choice for artists working in Hollywood
  • RCMA 5 Part Series Cream Blush - The blushing bride will enjoy a healthy and natural-looking flush with this blush palette! It offers five shades that are buildable and blend easily to suit a wide variety of skin tones.
  • RCMA No Color Powder - The ultimate no-flashback powder, RCMA No Color Powder helps set makeup with an airbrush finish without changing the tone or look of the product it’s placed on top of. Available in a sifter jar or compact, it’s a perfect choice for brides and their guests to enjoy shine-free makeup.

While we love a good bridal glam look, event makeup is where we shine! We've got you covered with plenty of options to dial up the shimmer and drama to create jaw-dropping and long-lasting looks.

Our Top 10 makeup and beauty Products to have on hand when you need your makeup to last for an event like homecoming, prom, or a gala:

  • Ben Nye Glitter Glue - There’s a reason this Glitter Glue has a five-star rating with more than 130 reviews on our site! It holds glitter in place and is completely transparent allowing the makeup under the glue to shine through, too!
  • RCMA Cream Foundation - Whether you love sheer coverage or a full-coverage look, RCMA Cream Foundation can be sheered out or built up to achieve exactly what you want. Be sure to check out our blog about our Favorite Tips to Use RCMA Cream Foundation!
  • Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel CR 100 - When it comes to event makeup, the emphasis is often on the lips or eyes, so a natural-looking pop of color on the cheeks is a great way to be seen without looking overly made up
  • Melanie Mills Hollywood Super Lite Long Lasting Setting Spray - You may have seen @roseandben post about this setting spray on social media, and it deserves all the hype! This setting spray will make your makeup humidity proof, sweat proof, and has been used on tv and movie sets around the world
  • Lit Cosmetics Night Moves Pressed Glitter Palette - Enjoy beautiful jewel-toned pressed glitters for eye catching looks all in the convenience of one slim palette
  • Karla Cosmetics Shadow Potion - Whether you want a dash of multichrome magic as an eyeliner or a bold look with color-shifting shadow all over the lid, Karla Cosmetics has you covered with this gel-consistency product that is long-lasting and incredibly pigmented
  • Lemonhead LA Spacecase Illuminating Mini Pro Palette - If you've ever wanted to try your hand at ethereal or over-the-top glittering looks that you'll see in Euphoria or at a festival, look no further than Lemonhead LA's Spacecase! This iconic collection of 16 supernatural iridescent glitter concentrates (no glue required!) in a portable, kit-friendly, air-tight case.
  • Ben Nye Final Seal - Rumored to be the go-to choice for Disney Princesses when they perform, this setting spray has received plenty of high praise from makeup artists and beauty influencers like Jackie Aina alike!
  • Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Face & Body Radiance - Designed by Celebrity MUA Melanie Mills, this face and body glow product blurs imperfections and imparts a radiant glow that will dazzle
  • CAT Complexion Atelier Magic Lash Adhesive - You'll notice a trend any time we talk about false lashes! This adhesive is a professional makeup artist staple thanks to the ease of use and long wear-time
  • Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick - When it comes to lip products, liquid lipstick tends to last the longest, and Dose of Colors offers a beautiful variety of shades from nudes to statement-making reds, berries, and plums! If you prefer a more natural finish, opt for their new Velvet Mousse Lipsticks!

Of course, we offer plenty of great products to use if you prefer different formulas, shades, and coverage levels, so we've listed our other best selling makeup for brides and events below!

Best Products for Adding Gems, Pearls, or other embellishments to your makeup looks:

Pros-Aide Adhesive is a medical-grade water-based adhesive for the skin that allows you to affix gems and other items to your look for long periods without irritation. This professional-grade adhesive has been used in thousands of projects in filming major motion pictures, stage, and TV.

Best Products to Help Makeup Stay In Place For Events in Humid & Hot Environments: 

If you’re prone to getting oily or sweat throughout the day, reach for pro favorite Mehron Barrier Spray. A light misting of this pre-makeup product will help slow sweat production to allow your makeup to stay in place even longer! In a pinch, you can also use a light mist of your favorite setting spray before makeup to create a similar effect. For a more hydrating product that delays sweat production, pros rely on Skin Prep Pro. Simply apply to a clean (and preferably unmoisturized) face with a cotton pad or sponge, allow to dry, and apply makeup as you normally would.

Best Products and Lip Sealer For Kissable Lips that Last:

Did you know that there are products that act like a setting spray for your lips? Meet Face Atelier Lip Lock - a liquid product that creates a barrier on top of your existing lip products to keep them in place for longer wear! Mehron also offers Lipstix Sealer, another great option to lock in your lips. Just be sure to apply in very thin layers and let it dry in between each step.

For a multi-purpose sealer, we highly recommend Cozzette Matrix Mixing Liquid, a mixing medium that makes any product long-wearing and water resistant! To use it on the lips, simply apply your lip color and lightly dab a drop of product on top to create a long-lasting seal.

From the perfect bridal look to trending makeup looks, our Winter Look Book and Bridal Look Book will give you plenty of options to choose from. In each Look Book, we share the exact products each talented artist used to create the look so you may recreate them! If you're ready to start shopping the Top 10 Lists above, click the links below:

The Top 10 Products for Bridal Makeup

The Top 10 Products for Event Makeup

We're here to help YOU get Camera Ready in whatever way makes YOU feel confident and ready to take on the day! Go ahead and explore the products our I Am Camera Ready Pros use to get Camera Ready, or view our I Am Camera Reach Schedule of Events to learn more & to view our full schedule of events, giveaways, & more!

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