Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of hosting world-renowned hair stylist and brand owner Frederic Fekkai at our showroom in Dallas, and he generously took the time to share some of his best advice for you, our artist, stylist, and beauty-loving community!

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In his interview, frederic fekkai shared tips and insights into:

  • His own brand and the future of his hair care line
  • How to find inspiration as a stylist
  • How to stay motivated as an artist or stylist
  • How to set yourself apart from other makeup artists or hair stylists
  • Why it's important for makeup artists and hair stylists to work with teams
  • Why it's important for makeup artists and hair stylists to perform a great consultation with their client
  • His own journey and what he did to achieve success as a budding stylist

Q: how can a makeup artist or hair stylist stay motivated throughout their career?

Fekkai: "You don't want to do anything if you don't believe in it," said Fekkai. "To stay passionate, you need a reason. From the minute when I wake up in the morning to anything I do; exercise, go into the office, we need a reason... When we approach a problem, whenever we create a hairstyle. Whatever we do, it has to have a reason."  

Q: What would you say to a stylist or makeup artist that is always wanting to follow the trends??

FEKKAI: "I don't believe in trends for trends... Trends are great when you create them. What does a trend even mean? It's not about following Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Aniston, or anybody. That is not a trend. A trend is when you find an amazing style that really suits everyone - a person, a friend. You find a style that is right for them. That's a trend because it cannot be easily duplicated. That's a trend because it cannot be easily replicated. It's a novel item. Then people want that look because it's so desirable!"

Q: Why is it so important to work with teams?

FEKKAI: "I get motivated when I work with my team at the salon. It's a great environment - like a lab- we test out products, it's like a focus group! We get feedback not only from the customer but also from the stylists. It's interactive."

Q: Where would you recommend starting if you're thinking about becoming a hair stylist, a makeup artist, or just want to rebrand yourself?

FEKKAI: "Today, more than ever, you have access to incredible content and information. Whether it's a tutorial on YouTube, or on Reels, beyond that, you can also look at the street, movies, books, and magazines to get inspired. Once you have a library of content, ideas, styles, and tools, you can perform and bring up that wow factor to your customer!"

Q: how do you approach consultations with your clients? 

FEKKAI: "If you are a pioneer, an innovator, somebody who brings something outside of the box and not just following what every other trend does, you trigger incredible creativity... What makes a great stylist is not just a great cut or color. It's a consultation. We look at each other in the eyes. Somebody will assess your look, your beauty, your lifestyle, and then they'll make their best recommendation - something that is tailored for you and unique!"

Q: What would you like to say to the aspiring artists and stylists in our community? 

FEKKAI: "It's so important to be accessible, to be hungry, to always want. One of the biggest keys to success in my career was when other stylists weren't willing to do a job, I would say YES. I did more jobs which meant I met more people - photographers. models, actors, actresses, and normal people by just saying yes. So, say yes as much as you can, and be curious. Stay curious all the time! "

Watch the interview with frederic fekkai

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We hope you were inspired by Frederic Fekkai's journey and the tips he shared! Explore his products, or email our Beauty Experts to learn more about how to incorporate Fekkai into your routine!

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