If you're looking for a cute, playful, fun, or trendy Halloween Makeup Look, look no further than this Glampire Monster High Draculaura inspired makeup look @christina.alexandraa created for Mehron Makeup! From flirty and playful to even scary, you can create the perfect vampire makeup look using the quick and easy steps below.

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Mehron Fantasy FX Makeup- Black

Mehron Fantasy FX Makeup- Red

Mehron INtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigment - Hot Pink

Paint your face with Mehron FX Fantasy Cream Makeup.

First, cleanse your face and use a light spritzing of Mehron Barrier Spray to create a sweat-proof barrier that will allow your makeup to last longer. Next, mix a pale pink using Red and White FX Fantasy Cream Makeup. Apply all over the face using a makeup sponge.

Contour your face for a bold look.

Step 2: Contour the Face

Using a fluffy blush brush, apply a pink powder pigment to the face and contour your face like you would normally - under the jaw bones, under the cheekbones, the sides of the nose, and around the perimeter of your face. Blend the contour by dusting the brush around the entire face to make it look more cohesive.

Create a smoky eye with a pink powder pigment

Step 3: Create a Red and Pink Smoky Eye

Using a red and pink powder pigment, create a smoky eye by focusing the pigment on the outer half of the eye and the crease. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend well. Add the same shades to the bottom lash line

Create an ultra-defined nose and brow.

Step 4: Create an Ultra-Defined Nose and Brow

Using a dense eyeshadow brush, use the same pigments from Step 4 to create a dramatic nose contour that extends all the way up to just under the inner brow bone to create a more cartoon-like effect.

Take a black pressed pigment and a liner brush to create small hair-line strokes to create a strong defined brow.

Use Mehron fantasy cream makeup to line your eyes.

Step 5: Line Your Eyes with Black FX Fantasy Cream Makeup

Using a fine-tipped liner brush, create a cat-eye effect with a large wing that extends beyond the eye and a triangle shape on the inner corner to create an exaggerated eye look. Next, draw smaller outward pointing “triangles” on the lower lash line to resemble cartoonish lashes. Take a white makeup pencil and fill in the water line to make your eyes look bigger.

Add details for a realistic SFX look.

Step 6: Add Fine Details to Finish the Glampire High Look

Mix the White and Red Fantasy FX Cream Makeup to create a bold red lip color and paint your lips. While the paint is still slightly wet, paint on the Black Fantasy FX Cream Makeup as a lipliner and diffuse slightly. To enhance the cartoon-like effect of the look, use a small dab of white to highlight the lips, and paint a small red heart onto your cheek.

Finish the look by painting and shading the ears and building up the contours and highlights more to your liking. That’s it! Your Draculora Makeup Look is Camera Ready!

Create your own SFX glampire look.

Feeling inspired to recreate the look? Watch the video at the top of this blog, or visit our YouTube Channel!  We hope this blog inspires you to create a fun new look this Halloween! If you have any more questions, we are here to help! Click here to reach out to our Beauty Advisors.

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