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  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E05 -  Eye Liner | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 2
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E06 - Winged Liner | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 3
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E15 - Flat Definer | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 4
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E25 - Blending | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 5
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E30 - Pencil | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 6
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E30S - Pencil | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 7
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E35 - Tapered Blending | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 8
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E37 - All Over Blend | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 9
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E39 - Buff and Blend | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 10
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E40 - Tapered Blending | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 11
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E45 - Small Tapered Blending | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 12
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E55 - Eye Shading | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 13
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E56 - Shader - Lid | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 14
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E58 - Cream Color | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 15
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E65 - Small Angle | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 16
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E70 - Medium Angled Shading | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 17
  • Sigma Brushes for Eyes - E75 - Angled Brow | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 18


Sigma - Brushes for Eyes


Select a Brush
E05 - Eye Liner
E06 - Winged Liner
E15 - Flat Definer
E25 - Blending
E30 - Pencil
E30S - Pencil
E35 - Tapered Blending
E37 - AllOver Blend
E39 - Buff and Blend
E40 - Tapered Blending
E45 - SmallTapered Blending
E55 - Eye Shading
E56 - Shader - Lid
E58 - Cream Color
E65 - SmallAngle
E70 - Medium Angled Shading
E75 - Angled Brow

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Sigma Brushes for Eyes give high definition results for blending, shading, contouring and defining all features of the eyes. Made with a variety of bristles, Sigma Brushes for Eyes deliver flawless results.

Sigma offers a 2 year warranty on their brushes that cover manufacturing defects!

**Please Note: CRC Makeup takes every measure to ensure an accurate representation of the product's color, though we cannot compensate for the viewer's monitor or color settings. Actual product color may vary.

Camera Ready Cosmetics is an authorized dealer of Sigma products.

E05 - Eye Liner: Fine tip and tapered brush head to create clean, smooth lines every time. Use it to apply gel eyeliner for a precisely perfect finish.

E06 - Winged Liner: Small, steeply angled brush head great for creating a winged liner look with precise control for all eye shapes.

E15 - Flat Definer: Thin, flat edge best for applying cake, cream or gel product to the eye area.

E25 - Blending: Slightly firm and rounded brush head for universal blending of products.

E30 - Pencil: Soft, tapered tip best for smudging kohl or shadow on the lash lines and creating soft definition.

E30S - Pencil: Concentrated color application. Best for applying product to small, focused areas of the eye.

E35 - Tapered Blending: Longer bristles with a tapered tip. Use for softening edges of more dramatic looks or for blending colors together on the lid.

E37 - All Over Blend: Firm rounded brush head great for softening harsh lines and buffing out deep colors.

E39 - Buff and Blend: Shorter, round dense brush head that softly blends colors all over the lid.

E40 - Tapered Blending: Soft, fluffy brush head provides a gentle application of color, softens harsh lines and applies transition color.

E45 - Small Tapered Blending: Small, tapered brush head with a pointed tip. Ideal for adding depth in the crease with control of product placement.

E55 - Eye Shading: Soft and dense squared brush head with slightly rounded edges.

E56 - Shader / Lid: Oval, tapered tip perfect for precise placement of powder products on the smaller areas of the lid.

E58 - Cream Color: Long, firm brush head to beautifully apply eye shadow bases and cream eye shadows to the lid.

E65 - Small Angle: Sharp, slanted edge with synthetic fibers for smooth and even application of product as well as controlled lines for winged liner.

E70 - Medium Angled Shading: Soft and angled beveled edges great for applying shadow or highlighters to the brow bone or shadows softly to the lid.

E75 - Angled Brow: Short, slightly stiff angled brush head. Use with brow powder to fill in the brows with a sketching motion for a natural effect.

    Sigma™ fibers are made with a special thermoplastic engineering polymer and Sigma™ 3-ring brush ferrules are made with copper and zinc.


    Don't be fooled by eBay or Amazon resellers that sell fakes. We sell the real thing! 100% Authentic products guaranteed.