Whether you're just exploring the world of SFX makeup for the first time or have been creating special effects magic for years, it's fun to see what products, looks, and tutorials are trending. In this blog, we're taking a stroll down memory lane to count down our most-viewed makeup special effects tutorials from years past!

5 Most-Viewed Special Effects Tutorials – A Countdown:

  1. Airbrush Zombie Makeup Tutorial
  2. Zombie Makeup Tutorial
  3. Applying a Bald Cap
  4. Comic Book Pop Art Tutorial
  5. Read on to see our #1 most-viewed SFX makeup tutorial!

5. Airbrush Zombie SFX Makeup Tutorial

Kicking off our list of top five SFX makeup tutorials of all time is our Airbrush Zombie Makeup Tutorial featuring products from European Body Art, Graftobian, and Premiere Products Inc. From prosthetic application to the layering technique used to achieve that signature zombie green with airbrush makeup, you'll be able to see each zombifying step in action. Follow along for the entire airbrush zombie makeup transformation with this makeup special effects tutorial.

4. SFX Zombie Makeup Tutorial

If you feel like you're having deja vu, don't worry. You're not! Zombie makeup is so popular it has claimed two spots in our top 5 tutorials of all-time list.

Unlike the makeup special effects tutorial above, this one doesn't require an airbrush gun. Instead, it uses a combination of alcohol activated paints, SFX blood, and some of our best-selling SFX makeup to achieve a gory zombie makeup look in five simple steps. Watch the tutorial above or read the SFX zombie makeup blog!

3. How to Apply a Bald Cap

Some SFX makeup looks call for a head sans hair, and achieving this look is easy thanks to the bald caps and bald cap kits we offer. From snuggly securing the cap to color correcting to match your model's complexion, this SFX tutorial will teach you how to apply a bald cap like a pro.

2. Comic Book Pop Art SFX Makeup Tutorial

Our #2 spot goes to one of our favorite makeup special effects tutorials of all time! We worked with makeup and SFX artists Kelly Tull & Lei V Artist Agency in 2019 to create this comic book look to kick off our SFX Tutorial Series, and it's the most popular SFX makeup tutorial on our YouTube Channel!

This pop art look combines three powerhouse products that can be used for a wide range of both beauty and SFX makeup looks, so if you're looking for an easy-to-follow and popular look to try out, this comic book pop art SFX makeup may be perfect for you.

1. How to Create a Wound


One of the fundamental skills for every SFX makeup artist is learning how to create a fake wound, so it's no surprise this makeup special effects tutorial tops our list! This video has more than 1.2 million views and showcases products from Ben Nye, PPI, and RCMA.


This year, we worked with SFX makeup artist Nsomniaksdream for an updated fake wound makeup special effects tutorial, and it's one you don't want to miss!


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