Did you know one of the most popular Google Searches for Halloween Makeup Looks and Tutorials is for Zombie Makeup? It's no surprise because this fun makeup look is one that will always stand the test of time and can really be amped up with a few special effects makeup products like fake blood, fake wounds, and more.

In this blog, we're sharing an entire tutorial and video to create a pin up zombie makeup look featuring Shanice L. Wadell , aka @slwcrea8, and Mehron Makeup.

Products Mentioned

Mehron Blood Splatter

Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel

Mehron Extra Flesh with Fixative A

Mehron Colorset Powder

Mehron Pro Color Ring Bruise

Use Mehron Barrier Spray to make your makeup last longer.

First, cleanse your face and prep the skin for SFX makeup application. We recommend using Mehron Barrier Spray to create a sweat-proof barrier that will allow your makeup to last longer. Next, use your favorite method and products to block your eyebrows.

Use a makeup pencil to draw an outline of the wounds you want to create.

Take a makeup pencil and draw an outline of the wounds you want to create. Get creative and place them wherever you want! Shanice prefers to use a brown pencil instead of a black pencil because she finds it easier to paint without worrying about the black makeup mixing in with the paint she uses to fill inside.

Use Mehron extra flesh wax to create SFX wounds.

Using the rounded dull end, layer the wax inside onto the wounds you drew in step 2. To give a 3d effect to your wounds, layer extra wax and create ridges that curve inward toward the center of each wound to represent dead and decaying flesh that has been ripped open, just like in a real wound! If you want to make the texture of the wax a little smoother, lightly tap with your finger.

Once you’re happy with the wounds, seal the wax by brushing on a thin layer of Fixitive A. This will remove any tackiness and will allow you to paint the wax with ease.

Use the Mehron Bruise Wheel for SFX makeup looks.

Mix the green tone with your favorite foundation to create the perfect shade of zombie skin for your ultimate zombie makeup look. Apply it to your skin with a foundation brush. Be sure to save some of this shade so you may use it in step 5.

Next, mix the blue-violet with your foundation mixture and use the same brush to paint in the eye sockets to make them appear sunken into your face. Continue to use this shade to contour your face paying extra close attention to the cheekbones and other stronger contours.

Set the face with Mehron ColorSet Powder and a powder puff.

paint wounds with the Mehron bruise wheel.

Mix various shades of red and red violet from the bruise wheel and apply with a variety of smaller brushes to give you depth and detail. Concentrate the darkest shades toward the outer edges of each wound along the ridges you created in step 3.

Taking a fine detail brush, mix a redding shade and paint fine squiggly and branching lines that radiate outward from each wound to represent veins. Then, take a sponge and lightly tap into the green foundation shade you mixed in the previous step. Wipe off any excess, and lightly pound the sponge on top of the veins to make them appear a little softer and as if they’re just below wthe skin’s surface.  

PRO Tip: Create any any bruise effects you’d like during this step using the green foundation shade mixed with violet or red, and blend into the skin well for a more realistic effect.

ADD MEHRON coagulated blood to your sfx look.

Mehron Coagulated Blood is a shiny, thick, and syrupy SFX blood that instantly elevates any special effect! Using the rounded end of your spatula or a q-tip, add the coagulated blood inside the wounds where you want them to look like fresher healing wounds.

Next, take Mehron Blood Splatter and spritz onto your face to represent where blood may have misted out of your Zombie wounds during a gnarly fight! This blood will dry down once applied. The closer you hold the spray bottle to your face, the more concentrated the blood splatter will look.

Add a wig or style your hair and add any extra accessories you’d like, and voila! Your Zombie Pin Up Makeup Look is Camera Ready!

You're Camera Ready!

Use Mehron to create a zombie SFX look.

Feeling inspired to recreate this look? Follow along with the video at the top of this blog, or visit our YouTube Channel!  We hope this blog inspires you to create a new bold look this Halloween! If you have any more questions, we are here to help! Click here to reach out to our Beauty Advisors.

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Need something specific to create your SFX Halloween looks? Shop Camera Ready’s extensive collection of top special effects brands here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact our Beauty Advisors for a comparable alternative, or to see if we can order the exact product you need.

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