Witch makeup looks will always be at the top of the list of favorite SFX looks, especially during the Halloween season! Whether you want to be a sexy witch, a scary witch, or even create a look inspired by Elphaba the witch from Wicked or The Land of Oz, we've got you covered with this easy witch makeup tutorial!

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Mehron CreamBlend Stick - Ogre Green

Mehron CreamBlend Stick - Green

Mehron CreamBlend Stick - White

Mehron Colorset Powder

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ - Black

Mehron 3D Gelatin Effects

First, cleanse your face and do not moisturize. Instead, use Mehron Barrier Spray to create a sweat-proof barrier that will allow your makeup to last longer.  

Step 2: Paint Your Face Green for the Ultimate Witch Makeup Look

Using a sponge and Mehron ColorBlend Stick in the shades Green and Ogre Green, focusing the darker Green shade around the perimeter of your face and contours of the cheek, nose, and eyes, and applying the lighter Ogre Green to the higher points of your face. This will make the green base look more “natural” compared to a flat one-shade face. To build up more dimension, use the White ColorBlend Stick and add highlights to the tops of the cheekbones, under the eyes, and anywhere else you’d use concealer.

Once you’re happy with the base, mattify the look using a powder puff and ColorSet Powder.

Step 3: Contour the Face & Add Eyeshadow to Your Witch Makeup Look

Using a contour brush, use a pressed pigment in a deep green or black shade to contour the face. Use Paradise Paint in Black to paint on the brows.  

Create a smoky eye with various shades of green. If you want to carve out the look and create a cut crease, use the White CremeBlend Stick for added drama. Next, line your eyes and waterline with black eyeliner to add depth to the look, and use the Black Paradise Paint to create a long-lasting and dramatic winged liner look. Once the liner has dried, lightly blend the eyeshadow at an angle from the outer edges toward the inner lower half of your upper lid to ensure your eyes look as big and bright as possible.

Highlight the brow bone with the white CremeBlend stick. Apply false lashes or mascara and a dramatic black lip using the black Paradise Paint.

PRO Tip: Let each layer dry before applying more makeup on top to ensure you do not muddy the shades together.

Step 4 (optional): Add 3D Gel for Wet Tears or a Sweat Effect

If you want to add an extra touch to level up your Witch Makeup Look, consider using Mehron 3D Gel - a special effects product that’s perfect to look like tears, thick beads of sweat, or other bodily fluids.

Start by uncapping the jar and placing it in the microwave or a hot bowl of water for about 10 seconds. If it’s still solid, microwave it for another 5-7 seconds. Repeat until it has reached a liquid consistency. Allow it to cool for at least a minute to ensure it’s not too hot for application.

Drip the product wherever you want onto your face using a spatula, and that’s it, your Witch Makeup Look is Camera Ready

PRO Tip: Be VERY careful while heating and temperature testing 3D Gel. When the product has reached a liquid consistency, lightly test a small amount of product on the back of your hand where your nerves are the most sensitive.

If you're looking for a simple version of a with face makeup, check out Ben Nye's Witch Makeup Kit.

You're Camera Ready!

Create your Elphba witch SFX look with Camera Ready!

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