We're continuing our SFX Tutorial Series with an easy special effects makeup look using just a handful of products. If you have the proper brushes and tools already, you can create this look for under $35!

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The List

To re-create fancyflutie's look, these are the products she used:

Total Cost: $31.80

The Tutorial

Step 1: Paint the teeth, jawline, and basic outline of the skull

Using the Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ in White, first paint the teeth. This will help guide the rest of your outline. Next, move on to the jaw outline. Using the same tools, outline the eye sockets and nose. Don't forget to add a white line down the center of the nose to represent the septum. This will make the skull more realistic.

Step 2: Time to add a bit of color!

Using a sponge and the Mehron Paradise AQ Cake Prisma Blendset, swipe your sponge across several of the shades in the cake and apply to your face in sweeping motions. This will create streaks of color. Customize the look by using more of your favorite shades or even selecting a different palette. Continue this step until you fill in ever area except the eye sockets, nose, and the inner portion of the jaw. These areas will be painted black.

Step 3: It's all in the details

Using a fine detail brush (the Sigma Chrome E11 Eye Liner Brush works perfectly for this step), outline the teeth and jawline first using Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ in black. Adding thinner lines within each tooth and where the teeth meet the cheek area will give a more realistic look. Leave a small section between the outer jaw and mouth. It will be filled in completely with black in the next step.

Step 4: Move on to the nose

Using the same detail brush, outline the nose cavity and be sure to leave the thin white strip along the middle. Fill in the nose with black and move on to the eye sockets. Same thing, outline them first. They will be filled in soon. Continue to outline the skull and add a few details above the brows and on the cheek bones for depth and dimension.

Step 5: All about the eyes

Fill in the eye sockets with black. Once it has dried, take a fine detail brush and add a few colorful details (fancyflutie used blue from the Cake palette) along the outer rim of the eye socket. These additional steps make a big impact!

Step 6: Add more details around the skull

Once you're happy with the eyes, clean your brush and use white to add small details above the teeth to represent the roots of each tooth, and add a few fine details above the brow bone and on the cheeks near where you added the black fine details before. This will help make those details pop.

Step 6: Add a second layer of black

A nice, rich, deep black eye socket and in between the teeth and jaw bone will help create depth. We recommend the Mehron Shadow Brush for this step. You're almost done!

Step 7: Everything's better with a little glitter

Apply Mehron Mark Reid GlitterMark in Crystal White onto any area that has white. and also on to the eyelids. Allow to dry, and that's it!

You're Camera Ready!

Visit our YouTube channel for a step-by-step video tutorial of this makeup look. A special thank you to Mehron and fancyflutie for creating this look and for the detailed tutorial. You may find her and view more of her work on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

More Tutorials

We’re accepting your videos as part of our SFX tutorial series! Send submissions to marketing@crcmakeup.com for consideration.

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