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Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools Maestro Series Brushes for Eyes

Select a Brush
774 Large Shader (Maestro Eyes)
710 Eyeliner (Maestro Eyes)
714 Flat Eye Definer (Maestro Eyes)
732 Mascara Fan (Maestro Eyes)
740 Sponge Applicator (Maestro Eyes)
758 Smudge (Maestro Eyes)
762 Small(Angle Maestro Eyes)
763 Angled Brow (Maestro Eyes)
764 Bold Angled Brow (Maestro Eyes)
765 Small(Angled Shader Maestro Eyes)
766 Angled Shadow (Maestro Eyes)
767 Round Dome Blender (Maestro Eyes)
769 Angled Contour (Maestro Eyes)
772 Small(Shader Maestro Eyes)
775 Duet Fiber Shader (Maestro Eyes)
776 Blending (Maestro Eyes)
777 Shadow (Maestro Eyes)
778 Large Shadow (Maestro Eyes)
779 Eye Whopper (Maestro Eyes)
780 Pencil (Maestro Eyes)
781 Crease (Maestro Eyes)
783 Small(Tapered Blending Maestro Eyes)
785 Tapered Blending (Maestro Eyes)
788 BDHD Blending/Concealing Natural (Maestro Eyes)
788V BDHD Blending/Concealing Synthetic (Maestro Eyes)




Bdellium Tools Studio Line Brushes for Face are designed with top quality materials and meticulously assembled for flawless application. Each individual brush features precisely shaped brush heads made from natural and/or synthetic hair bristles with a classic, seven-layered lacquered yellow handle for optimal control resulting in a perfect application time and time again. The bristles on each Studio Line Brush are treated with an antibacterial agent.

    *All brushes sold separately.

    Available Brushes:
    • Angled Brow 763 - The Tapered tips is perfect for work along the lashline
    • Angled Contour 769 - Sharp angled brush for contouring. Create precise color accents & highlights on the inner & outer corners of the eye
    • Angled Shadow 766 - Soft and smooth angled fibers ideal for applying shadow to the crease and corners of the eye
    • Blending 776 - Ideal for shading and blending powder of cream product
    • Bold Angled Brow 764 - Wider & firmer bristles designed for filling in brows and applying colors with ease
    • Crease 781 - Created for eye crease work, and for use with contrasting colors
    • Duet Fiber Shader 775 - Uniquely designed for shading with eye shadow or emollient-based products
    • Eyeliner 710 - Narrow, extra fine tip brush for use with wet liner
    • Eye Whopper 779 - Perfect for blending or highlighting on eye or face
    • Flat Eye Definer 714 - Firm, flat shaped brush used to line and define eyes with color
    • Large Shader 774 - Dome shaped soft yet firm bristles. Ideal tool for shading with eye shadow
    • Large Shadow 778 - Designed to apply shadow to the entire lid evenly & smoothly
    • Mascara Fan 732 - Minimizes both clumping and smearing of mascara
    • Pencil 780 - Pencil tip allows for precise shading on lashline, crease and eyelid
    • Round Dome Blender 767 - Simulating the gentle touch of a fingerptip. Blend fo a gentle, graduated look for the eyes
    • Shadow 777 - Designed to be multi-purpose in shading, cover lower lid and highlight brow bone
    • Small Angle 762 - Tapered point angles perfectly to create a natural curve when worked around the lash line
    • Small Angled Shader 765 - Angled tip brush for professional eye shadow application and blending
    • Small Shader 772 - Great for powder, concealer and any emollient-based product application. For precise and quick shading
    • Small Tapered Blending 783 - Ideal for applying shadow along the crease or curve of the eye lid to add depth
    • Smudge 758 - The short round dome shaped head is perfect to use for shadowing & smudging around the lash line
    • Sponge Applicator 740 - Soft long lasting foam tip delivers pristine application for powder, liquid and cream products
    • Tapered Blending 785 - Unique shape ideal for applying shadow to crease to add depth
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