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Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools Maestro Series Brushes for Face

Select a Brush
540 Precision Lip (Maestro)
546 Square Lip (Maestro)
925 Duet Fiber Fan (Maestro)
934 Precision Concealer (Maestro)
937 Concealer (Maestro)
939 Slanted Detailer (Maestro)
940 Face Blending (Maestro)
942 Slanted Contour (Maestro)
944 Tapered Contour (Maestro)
945 Contour (Maestro)
946 Firm Foundation (Maestro)
947 SmallFoundation (Maestro)
948 Foundation (Maestro)
948.1 Slanted Foundation (Maestro)
949 Pointed Foundation (Maestro)
953 Duet Fiber Foundation (Maestro)
954 Duet Fiber Slanted Kabuki (Maestro)
955 Duet Fiber Finishing (Maestro)
956 Slanted Precision Kabuki (Maestro)
957 Precision Kabuki (Maestro)
958 Duet Fiber Powder Blending (Maestro)
959 Powder Blending (Maestro)
964 AllPurpose Blusher (Maestro)
965 Duet Fiber Blusher (Maestro)
974 Tapered Powder (Maestro)
980 Natural Powder (Maestro)
985 Duet Fiber Powder (Maestro)
990 Angled Face (Maestro)
995 Kabuki (Maestro)




Bdellium Tools Maestro Line Brushes for Face are designed with top quality materials and meticulously assembled for flawless application. Each individual brush features precisely shaped brush heads made from natural and/or synthetic hair bristles with a luxurious handle and a strong, durable ferrule for optimal control. The excellent craftsmanship of these brushes results in perfect application time and time again. The bristles on each Studio Line Brush are treated with an antibacterial agent.

*All brushes sold separately.

Available Brushes:

  • All-Purpose Blusher 964 - The round head creates optimum control during application and assists in the contouring of powder products such as blushes, pressed powders, loose powders and hybrid foundations.

  • Angled Face 990 - Wide Flat angled brush perfectly suited for whisking powder over the face.

  • Concealer 937 - With his flat and round head brush you can conceal almost anything with flawless precision.

  • Contour 945 - Softly rounded dome tip can be used to apply, blend and contour powders

  • Duet Fiber Blusher 965 - Ideally used for lightweight blusher application. He is tapered for flawless application.

  • Duet Fiber Fan 925 - Lightweight application and to help brush off any excess product.

  • Duet Fiber Finishing 955 - Layers product beautifully on skin for lightweight application and blending of face powder.

  • Duet Fiber Foundation 953 - Short, flat dome shape gives precise application of foundation, creams and powder products.

  • Duet Fiber Powder 985 - Used to contour & highlight.

  • Duet Fiber Powder Blending 958 - Large, full powder brush used for lightweight application and blending powders.

  • Duet Fiber Slanted Kabuki 954 - Soft synthetic, duet-fiber brush gently picks up products for a smooth, gentle application.

  • Face Bending 940 - Mixture of soft pony hair and synthetic bristles create a perfect brush to use on sensitive facial areas.

  • Firm Foundation 946 - Multi functional tool, perfect for blending, coverage and contouring. For contour & definition, utilize the tip of the brush for precision.

  • Foundation 948 - Applies foundation to the face for an even application and matte finish.

  • Kabuki 995 - Offer full coverage for a wide range of makeup. Allows for a more controlled application.

  • Natural Powder 980 - Full and dense bristles apply loose or pressed powder across face or body.

  • Pointed Foundation 949 - Designed specifically to apply foundation/concealer to hard to reach curves of the face such as eye, nose and cheekbones.

  • Powder Blending 959 - Classic brush created to blend powder flawlessly.

  • Precision Concealer 934 - Designed to touch up areas of small coverage such as under the eye.

  • Precision Kabuki 957 - Wide, flat bristle head allows to easily pick up product and evenly sweep across cheek area for airbrushed effect; ideally used to buff liquid products.

  • Precision Lip 540 - Flat, firm bristles converge into a tapered tip. Ideal for lipstick & lipstick liner application.

  • Slanted Contour 942 - Shape and structure your face precisely with the angled bristles.

  • Slanted Detailer 939 - Perfect to reach smaller crevices. Use for precise contouring onto target areas.

  • Slanted Foundation 948.1 - Designed for precise application of foundation and a flawless finish. Can be used to distribute and blend foundation for beautiful coverage.

  • Slanted Precision Kabuki 956 - Achieve the perfect look with an even foundation finish. Allow the soft strands to target all facial contours.

  • Small Foundation 947 - Ideal for creating a smooth even finish.

  • Square Lip 546 - Designed to apply any lip color or gloss precisely and evenly across your lips.

  • Tapered Contour 944 - Apply powder, blush, or highlighter onto the upper contours of the face for a glowing complexion.

  • Tapered Powder 974 - Designed to sculpt and shape cheeks and temples using powder, blush, or highlighter. Allows precision placement of powder, blush, highlighter to shape the cheeks and temples.
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