Halloween is just around the corner which means you're likely scrambling for a last-minute look (especially if you're reading this blog), but don't worry Boo, we've got you covered with all the makeup and tools you'll need to recreate these trending looks.

The Top 10 most googled halloween makeup looks are:

10. Harley Quinn (watch our tutorial!)

9. Cowboy

8. Cheerleader

7. Rabbit

6. Pirate

5. Fairy

4. Stranger Things

3. Dinosaur

2. Spiderman

1. Witch (we have several witch tutorials for you to follow along to!)

To view the full list of the most Googled Halloween Costumes, click here.

10. Harley Quinn Makeup Look for Halloween

Harley Quinn makeup looks were popular in 2021, but this equal parts easy and "cute" costume is not only fun to create but also requires only a few key items! A special thanks again to SFX Artist @caykeface for creating this amazing video tutorial.  Be sure to check it out to see all the products she used!

9. Cowboy (or Cowgirl) Makeup

When it comes to a great Halloween costume, a Cowboy or Cowgirl is always a fun option! An essential part of this popular Halloween Makeup Look is the slightly dirty/dusty looking makeup that suggests you just got done working a long day on the ranch or had a scuffle with someone that was eyeing your land.  

Ben Nye Grime FX Character Powder is perfect to create that worn and weathered look! Available in a variety of sizes, there are shades that perfectly ash, coal, and plains dust to amp up your Halloween Costume!

PRO Tip: To make this look more belieable, consider adding extra bronzer to the face to mimic the tan you'd get from being outside working hard all day and even a few freckles using our freckle makeup!

8. Cheerleader Halloween Makeup

Show off your Halloween S-P-I-R-I-T with the perfect Cheerleader Halloween makeup! Of course, there isn't a single "look" that defines what a cheerleader should look like, but what comes to mind for us is extra long lashes, glitter, and super glossy lips.

7. Rabbit Halloween Makeup

Of course, you could always opt for your average Halloween Rabbit Makeup Look, paint on a bunny nose and whiskers, and call it a day, but for those that really want to wow their friends, consider this!

A Rabbit Nose Prosthetic will give your look the extra dimension you crave, and it's easy to apply. If you want a slightly less prominent nose, opt for this super cute cat nose! Watch the easy to follow "How to Apply a Prosthetic or Transfer" tutorial @brittanylessard created for us to learn how to apply whichever nose you pick!

6. Pirate Halloween Makeup Look

Ahoy, Matey! A Pirate Halloween Costume has plenty of makeup options like rotten teeth, weathered skin, and perhaps even a fresh wound! We highly recommend checking out our tutorial on how to create a wound to complete your perfect pirate costume.

5. Fairy Makeup Look

We love a good Fairy Halloween makeup look or costume because it allows the wearer to be as creative as they'd like with glitter, ethereal shifting shades of makeup, and more. This year, the viral sensation Danessa Myricks Infinite Chrome Flakes would be a great option for multi-dimensional looks that stay on for hours, or take your glitter game to the next level with Lemonhead.LA's glittery products (did you know they've also been used on the set of hit series Euphoria!?)!

Complete your fairy makeup look with elf ears and shimmering multichrome makeup from Karla Cosmetics, Lethal Cosmetics, or Danessa Myricks!

4. Stranger Things Inspired Halloween Look

We are firm believers that videos are the best way to share Halloween inspiration, so be ready to be awestruck by @caykeface's Stranger Things inspired look she created in partnership with us!

3. Dinosaur Halloween Makeup

At first mention, a Dinosaur Makeup Look may seem intimidating, but we promise it's easy when you have the right makeup! First, determine if you only want to use face or body paint to paint your dinosaur skin or if you want to add texture to make it look more scaly and textured with Wrinkle Stipple.

PRO Tip: Since most movies and shows depict dinosaur skin as being weathered and textured, using a sea sponge or a makeup sponge that has been torn to expose jagged and irregular edges to apply your makeup can help create a more "realistic" appearance!

2. Spiderman Makeup for Halloween

We can't remember a year when Spiderman Makeup wasn't trending for Halloween, so we've created a list below of the Spiderman Makeup Essentials!

To create the perfect (and easy!) Spiderman Halloween Makeup Look, we recommend:

Start by applying the bald cap, and once applied, spritz your skin lightly with Mehron Barrier Spray. Next, take a makeup pencil to lightly outline the eyes and different areas you'll paint different colors. Next, using the brushes, mix in a little bit of water to activate the makeup and paint. Allow each layer to dry before adding the next. We recommend also filling in any larger areas before creating the darker black outlines, as it will prevent the deeper shades from mixing with the lighter ones.

When the makeup is dry, use the fine line brush to paint on a spider web pattern. If you don't love freehanding, use a lighter toned makeup pencil to draw on the pattern before painting the web.

Witch makeup look by Rachel Roll for Mehron Makeup

1. Easy Witch Halloween Makeup

The #1 most Googled Halloween costume should come as no surprise! Witch costumes and witch makeup is always a great idea for Halloween! Thankfully for you, we have several witch tutorials including a Glam Witch and a Gory Witch, so pick your poison and enjoy watching them!

Feeling Inspired?

We hope this blog has helped inspire you if you're still looking for the perfect last minute Halloween makeup or costume! Of course, we have plenty of other tutorials and inspirational blogs for you including Clown tutorials, an amazing Beetlejuice tutorial, a Glam Vampire halloween tutorial, and blog about water-activated vs alcohol-activated paint, how to use Liquid Latex, and more.

If you have any additional questions, our Beauty and SFX Experts are here to help, so click here to send them an email.

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