This Halloween season, we're getting back to the basics, and what better place to start than the wonderful world of fake blood makeup. We partnered with @Kristen.B.Artistry, a makeup, hair, and SFX artist based in Colorado, to showcase the different types of special effects blood and to highlight the differences between them!

Products Mentioned

Ben Nye Stage Blood

Ben Nye Fresh Scab

KD 151 Mouth Blood

Kryolan Eye Blood

Ben Nye Complete Blood Pack with Capsules

Ben Nye Thick Blood

Our Favorite Special Effects Blood Products for the Ultimate Fake Blood Looks:

Ben Nye Stage Blood 4.5fl oz., $13

Ben Nye Thick Blood 6 oz., $28

Ben Nye Fresh Scab 1.0oz, $10

Kryolan Professional Make-Up Eye Blood-Red 20ml $26.50

KD 151 Mouth Blood Dark 1.0oz $6

Ben Nye Complete Blood Pack with Capsules $9

TOTAL: $92.50

Ben Nye Stage Blood

Ben Nye Stage Blood is a bright red color and is used to resemble fresh blood. This unique formula is a runny liquid and can be used on the face, body, on props, and even in the mouth. Keep in mind this special effects blood does not dry down - it stays wet and runny after it is applied. It is the perfect fake blood makeup choice for SFX makeup and Halloween fake blood including fresh wounds.


Ben Nye Thick Blood


Ben Nye Thick Blood is a slightly darker shade of red and is used to resemble blood that is beginning to clot. This long-lasting formula has a thick and chunky gel-like consistency and will not be runny. However, this special effects blood can be smoothed out for a less chunky and brighter appearance, if desired.


PRO TIP: Use a small amount of Thick Blood with a stainless steel spatula to create a line on the face or body to resemble a scratch or cut.


Ben Nye Fresh Scab

Ben Nye Fresh Scab is a dark rusty red color and is used to create a scab effect. The consistency is thick and gel-like. This fake blood makeup is ideal for creating a wound that is starting to heal, as this will add texture to the area applied.


Kryolan Professional Make-Up Eye Blood

Eye Blood in Red is a Halloween fake blood best seller. This fake blood by Kryolan Professional Make-Up has a liquid consistency and can be applied directly to the eyes using the dropper. Do not use in conjunction with eye contacts (prescription or SFX).


Upon your first use, this product may feel slightly heavy in the eye and your vision may also be a little blurry. The special effect of the eye blood is temporary. As you blink the effect will go away. Please note, once you open the bottle, this product has a 30-day shelf life.


PRO TIP: Apply the special effects blood to the top part of the eyeball to cover the entire eye and for slightly longer effect.


K.D. 151 Mouth Blood Dark

The K.D. 151 Mouth Blood has a syrup-like consistency. The nozzle on the bottle will allow for a precise and easy application. Patting the special effects blood around the mouth with your finger will allow you to create a speckled effect with the blood.


Ben Nye Complete Blood Cap Pack

Perfect for oozy mouth wounds or realistic stage fights, the Ben Nye Complete Blood Cap Pack offers the option for you to bite down and release blood into the mouth on cue. This cool blood cap pack includes a .5 oz bottle of Stage Blood and 12 empty capsules for your fake blood makeup needs.


How To Use the Complete Blood Cap Pack


When you’re ready to make your blood capsules, fill a capsule with the Stage Blood and close with the top half of the capsule. Once you are ready for the special effects blood, place the capsule in your mouth and bite down.


PRO TIP: Place a capsule on each side toward the front of the mouth a more dramatic effect.


Can You Put Fake Blood in Your Mouth?


For many  fake blood makeup products, the answer is yes! Ben Nye’s Stage Blood and Thick Blood and the K.D. 151 Mouth Blood are safe for use in the mouth – The Ben Nye products even have a zesty mint flavor for a pleasant experience.

How to Apply Fake Blood Makeup with Prosthetics

Kristen used Rubber Wear’s Narrow Cut and Wide Cut Foam Latex Prosthetics. Using the Ben Nye Stage Blood, Thick Blood, and Fresh Scab, she was able to add texture and depth to the wound to give a more realistic effect.


Check Out Our Fake Blood Makeup Tutorials


Ready to see the different types of special effects blood in action? View the video at the top of this blog, or visit our YouTube Channel! A special thank you to @Kristen.B.Artistry for creating this tutorial.


We hope this blog about Halloween fake blood will help steer you in the right direction to choose the perfect product to elevate your Halloween or SFX looks! If you have any more questions, we are here to help! Click here to reach out to our Beauty Advisors.


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