Some Halloween looks have stood the test of time and are popular year after year: a witch, a cat, and of course, a colorful clown. This year, we partnered with professional makeup artist Kelly Tull, in association with Lei V Agency, to bring you another fan favorite, a scarecrow.

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The List

Step 1: Map out the eyes, nose, and mouth

Using a makeup pencil, lightly draw the outline of eye sockets (Kelly opts for a large winged out eye socket that extends out and upward toward her hairline), a nose, and the mouth. Next, use the shades Wax, Shatter, Blunt, and Full Melt from the Four Twenty Palette to create a warm-toned gradient along the outside of the outline. The deepest shades should be closest to the outline you created. Blend outward with the lighter shades.  

Step 2: Add textured details

Using a fan brush, lightly dip into clown white brushing off any excess product. Apply crosshatch lines across your cheekbones and forehead using light brushstrokes.

Step 3: Fill in the eyes, nose, and add eyebrows

Fill in the eye sockets using a fine detail brush and Black Paradise AQ Makeup. Then, outline the top and lower half of this area with clown white to make them pop.

Complete the nose by outlining it with clown white and filling in the socket with the black makeup. Use eyeshadow to blend away any harsh edges.

Step 4: Create a creepy mouth

Apply additional crosshatches to the jawline and around the mouth using the fan brush and clown white. Next, using your fine detail brush, paint a frightening mouth using the black makeup. Once the black has dried, use eyeshadow to soften and blend the edges.

Step 5: Attach twine & move on to the neck

Use lash adhesive to apply small pieces of twine to the nose and mouth. This will provide a realistic stitching effect. Once the adhesive is dry, use clown white to outline the mouth, and add crosshatch details to the neck and décolletage.

Step 6: Final details

Using two pieces of twine, create a criss cross stitched effect across your eyes (have them criss cross for a stitched effect). Be sure the pieces are long enough to project away from your eyes so you can blink and look around comfortably. Using eyeshadow and the black makeup, add details to your neckline. For a spooky touch, add fake blood details like Graftobian Stage Blood to the neckline and mouth.

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