Have you ever heard of dogs resembling their owners? Join us as @kristenbartistry shows us that anything is paw-sible, as she turns herself into her dog Hamilton using products from Mehron, Danessa Myricks, and Suva Beauty.

Products Mentioned

Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix in Black Out

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ in Black

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ in White

SUVA Beauty Six Twenty Liner Brush

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma BlendSet

Mehron Paradise AQ Brushes Prisma Medium 3/4"

Mehron Paradise AQ Brushes Bold Round

Block your eyebrows, and take a liner pencil or a thin eyeliner brush like the SUVA Beauty Six Ten Liner Brush with Mehron Aqua Paradise Paint to outline the eyes, nose and mouth of the dog.

PRO Tip: If it's easier, use a makeup pencil to outline the basic shapes before painting them on.

Use slightly larger brushes like Mehron Paradise AQ Brushes Bold Round and Prisma Medium 3/4 with the Mehron Aqua Paradise Paints to fill in the outlined areas. Larger brush strokes can be used for this step.

Use a small liner brush with the paint to create "fur" by using short, quick strokes. A fan brush can also be used to create fur-like strokes. Using different tools and painting the fur strokes in opposite directions will allow you to create a more realistic effect.

PRO Tip: The harder you press the brush against your face, the thicker each line of fur will be. It may be time consuming, but using light strokes will help you create a look that is more realistic!

To help give the look depth, layer a light, medium, and dark shade of paint. This will help mimic the look for real fur. The Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma BlendSet in Furry is a great product to use when creating dimension because it contains multiple shades all in one convenient palette. It also has white and black paint that can used to deepen or brighten the other colors.  

Take a lighter shade, like white, with a liner brush and add highlights around the eyes, nose, and other parts of the face. While the paint is still wet, dab the area with your finger to blend any harsh edges.

Step 5: Paint the Body

Using the Mehron Paradise AQ Brush Prisma Medium 3/4 brush, begin painting your neck and shoulders. Once the paint has dried, use the same technique used on the face to begin creating fur and highlights on the body.

Perfect your look by adding props like ears or a collar. Now get ready to raise the WOOF and get ready to wow them this Howl-oween!

You're Camera Ready!

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