Have you ever seen a more BOO-tiful bride? A special thanks to Mehron Makeup and @macabremija for creating this hauntingly beautiful Ghost Bride. In this tutorial, we will share the basic steps to creating a ghastly look!

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The List

Step 1: Apply the Base

A bright white base is essential when creating a ghost look. To achieve this bright white base, apply Mehron Skin Prep Pro to your face and neck. This will help the makeup stay in place. Next, block your eyebrows with Mehron SynWax, and set them using the Mehron Colorset Powder. Use a sponge to blend Mehron Clown White Makeup all over your face and set with powder.

Step 2: Paint the Body

Using the same sponge used for the face, blend Mehron Clown White Makeup onto your neck and shoulders. Set with a thin layer of powder.

Step 3: Contour

Using the Mehron CreamBlend Stick in Light Grey, begin mapping out the contour along your cheeks, nose, and jawline. Next, follow up with a small amount of Mehron Celebre Pro Cream Foundation in Black to darken the contour and blend out with a sponge.  

PRO Tip: If you apply too much black cream, take a clean sponge and clown white to soften the area.

To hollow out the face to give an undead effect, take Mehron Intense Pressed Pigment in Graphite with a brush to create shadows beneath the contour. Next, take Mehron Intense Pressed Pigment in Carbon with a brush and apply to the jawline.

Step 5: Define the Eyes

Line your eyes using a black eyeliner, and use a skipping technique to create short lines on the outer lid to elongate your eyes. Apply eyeliner to the lower lash line, and create a smokey eye using Carbon.

Step 6: Define the Lips and Nose

Apply the shade Carbon to the contour your lips. Next, add a little bit of Carbon to the tip of your nose to create a shadowy effect. Take the black kohl pencil and apply to the innermost part of your lips and blend it outward.

Step 7: Add Details

To bring a little life and color back to the face, take a small amount of Mehron CreamBlend Stick in the shade Soft Peach, and apply it to the high points of your cheeks, forehead, and chin. Next, add texture around your eyes and lips. Dip a stipple sponge into the cream foundation in Black and press the sponge in light dabbing motions against the skin.

Step 7: Give the Body Dimension

Add a bit of depth and dimension by creating shadows along the chest and neck with a smaller flatter brush and the shade Carbon. Take the stipple sponge and black cream foundation to apply texture to the hollowed out areas.

Step 8: Finishing Rouches

Apply Mehron Hair White to the hairline with a brush and blend the color through your hair with your fingers. To complete the look add a veil, ghostly butterflies, and white eye contacts.

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